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Cultural Diplomacy in Europe

April 2013


Cultural Diplomacy in Europe: A Forum for Young Leaders (CDE) is a network of young individuals from across the world, who have an interest in exploring and strengthening relations between European States.  The program is run on the philosophy that further development of political and economic integration between European states must be accompanied by sustained public action to maintain public opinion and relations on the European Continent.

One of the key focuses of the conference was on the Balkan states and their integration into the European Union. Speaking on the subject was Mrs.Georgiva, the Deputy Head of Mission from the Embassy of Bulgaria, she gave a lecture and discussion on the topic of "The EU and the Western Balkans: a View from Bulgaria". The conference also attracted a number of key politicians from across Europe, with H.E. Ambassador Varso (Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Serbia) giving a lecture on Slovakia's experience from transformation and EU integration processes.

The ICD was also able to host a number of social events alongside the conference, these events gave all the participants and guests an opportunity to socialize and get to know each other in a more relaxed and social atmosphere.


The Cultural Diplomacy in Europe Conference: A Forum for Young Leaders (CDE)
"The Balkan Countries and the EU: On the Path to Becoming EU Members"
Belgrade, April 15th - 19th, 2013
15th April 2013
16th April 2013
17th April 2013
18th April 2013
19th April 2013
09:30 Registration and Welcome

Youth Dome - Club
Clio - Publishing House
Newspaper Danas
Belgrade City Library

(9:15) Participants Paper
The Faculty of Security Studies

(9:15) the OSCE role in promoting stability and security in Serbia and the Western Balkans

Dr. Vladimir Bilandzic
(Special Advisor
Confidence and Security-Building Measures
OSCE Mission to Serbia)
10:00 Welcome Words -
Youth and Cultural Diplomacy in Practice

Mr. Hernád
(Managing Director, ICD Headquarter)
Ms. Sehic
(ICD Program Director, Vienna Office)
Cultural Diplomacy in Europe; Current and Future Trends

H.E. Prof. Dr. Albert Maes
(Vice President of the ECPD Academic Council, President of the ECPD Executive Board, EU Diplomat and Ambassador of the EU to former Yugoslavia, Israel, India and Professor at Namur University)
The EU and the Western Balkans: a View from Bulgaria

Ms. Georgieva
(Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Bulgaria)

International Cooperation in the field of Culture and the Youth; A Practical Example

Ms. Ninkov
(Director of the Belgrade City Library)
Culture as One of the Three Central Pillars of Austrian Foreign Policy

Mr. Keller
(Director, Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade)
11:00 The European Union and Serbia; Challenges and Opportunities

Ms. Bobić
(Secretary General, European Movement in Serbia)
Human Capital and Cooperation in the Region

Mr. Besiri
(Executive director,
Youth Education Committee)
Slovakia's experience from transformation and EU integration processes

H.E. Ambassador Varso (Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to Serbia)
World of Dance: the Role of the Arts in Cultural and Diplomatic Relations

Ms. Mandic
(National Democratic Institute)
The Importance of Germany as an Economic Partner for Serbia

Mr. Schmidt
(Director, the German Chamber of Industry for Serbia)
12:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break
14:00 The Netherlands and the Balkans; A Dutch View

H.E. Ambassador Stokvis
(Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Serbia)

Embassy of the Netherlands
The Role and Competences of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality in Serbia

Ms. Petrusic
(Commissioner for Protection of Equality)
Visit of the Serbian National Assembly
(Guided Tour)

The Serbian National Assembly
Geopolitics of Emotions and Balkan (non)Use of Cultural Diplomacy

Ms. Dragićevic Šešić
(Professors, Faculty of Arts)

(15:00) Public Diplomacy of the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade

H.E. Asp
(Ambassador of Sweden to Serbia)

Embassy of Sweden
16:00 Belgrade - Sight Seeing Tour The Involvement of Finland in the Balkans and the EU

H.E. Ambassador Orpana
(Ambassador of Finland to Serbia)

Embassy of Finland
Democracy and
Public Policy; The Serbian Case

Mirko Dautovic
(The Zoran Djindjic Foundation)

The Zoran Djindjic Foundation
Culture and the Arts; A Serbian Example

Ms. Pavićević
(Director of the Center for Cultural Decontamination)

Center for Cultural Decontamination
18:00 Welcome Group Dinner Social Activity Social Activity Social Activity  

Speaker Information

  • Adam Forsström
    Representative of the Swedish Embassy to Germany
  • Dr. Anna Maria de Giorgio
    Cultural Attaché - Italian Institute of Culture, Berlin
  • Antonio Amendola
    Founder and President of Shoot4Change
  • Biplab Basu
    Spokesperson of KOP Berlin, Kampagne für Opfer Rassistischer Polizeigewalt
  • Dirk van den Berg
    German Filmmaker and Producer at OutreMer Film
  • Eben Louw
    Psychologist specialized on Racial Profiling issues
  • President Emil Constantinescu
    President of the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy, Former President of Romania
  • Dr. Ilaria Scaglia
    Visiting Assistant Professor in Asian and International Relations at Columbus State University, USA
  • Isona Admetlla
    Sociologist and Cultural Manager at World Cinema Fund
  • Jennifer Post Tyler
    Arts Researcher and Executive, Master's candidate,  Université Paris 8, Erasmus Mundus Performing Arts Studies dual master
  • Amb. Karl-Erik Norrman
    Former Swedish Diplomat ; Member of the Faculty of the ICD Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Kishore Chakraborty
    Professor of Cultural Diplomacy;  Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies
  • Marc Bogaerts
    Choreographer & Artistic Director
  • Mark Donfried
    Founder & Director of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD)
  • Nicole Nagel
    Director of the Film "Libya, the Revolution and Me"
  • Rayna Campbell
  • Riccardo Valsecchi
    Director of the Film ID-WITHOUTCOLORS
  • Sharon Horodi & Cheb Kammerer
    Documentary Video Artists & Social Activists
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrich Brückner
    Academic Director at the Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies