Welcoming Our New Interns: Smile and Sing Ladies and Gents. Itís Karaoke Time

(Berlin, ICD House; January 9th, 2014)

The Event was organized by Bence Ruff and James Crocker
Our new intake of Interns brought their first week to a close (almost) on a high note, with a karaoke night this Thursday. At five thirty on the dot, old hands and newcomers to the ICD let down their hair with the help of some generously provided snacks, drinks and of course some beautiful singing. We were told in our introductory meeting to the ICD that we would get used to smiling for photos during our time here; it seems we will also be adding singing for them to that repertoire.

Queen, Celine Dion, Aqua, Backstreet Boys, The Killers, James Blunt and One Direction all featured in the program as well a unique version of 'You're the One That I Want' from Grease. Our multicultural team showed its true diversity with Spanish and Italian songs, and a rendition of Carla Bruni's hit 'Quelqu'un M'a Dit' by our French contingent, which put all the rest of us all to shame.††

The evening was a great bonding experience for all involved. Even the slightly more timid members of the team got on stage eventually - it's amazing how one glass of champagne, some pretzel sticks and a 1970's musical gets people chatting (and singing).†

We all left feeling positive about our first week at ICD, excited for our futures here, and probably a bit to confident about our vocal abilities. Thank you ICD house for hosting our event, we thoroughly enjoyed it and are very happy to be here.
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