Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

Thematic Programs

Thematic Programs

Academy Thematic Programs were developed in order to focus on diverse political, cultural, and economic issues, concentrating on specific geographical regions or areas as well as on specific academic fields. Each thematic program includes a variety of activities based on that theme, ranging from international conferences and events, seminars, research and cultural activities.

The Academy runs the following Thematic Programs:

Music as Cultural Diplomacy »

The program explores the historical role of music as a form of cultural diplomacy and promotes the use of music for social cohesion and development.

Art as Cultural Diplomacy »

The program” explores and analyses the powerful instruments of art, music and sports to serve as vehicles of cultural diplomacy.

Cultural Diplomacy & the Global Economy »

The program promotes stronger economic relations between nation states, and examines the complex relationship between culture, economics, and politics at the global level.

Cultural Bridges in Germany »

The program strengthens relations between Germany's cultural communities, exploring the benefits of a multi-cultural society.

Central-Southern Asia & The Caucasus »

The program raises awareness of the challenges and opportunities facing central Asia and the Caucasus Region today.

Cultural Diplomacy in Africa »

The program promotes social and economic development within Africa and stronger political, economic, and cultural links between Africa and other regions.

The Transatlantic Relationship »

The program strengthens the political, economic, and cultural ties across the Atlantic and highlight the importance of this relationship to the international community.

Cultural Diplomacy in Europe »

The  program  strengthens relations between cultural groups and countries within Europe, to improve relations between Europe and other regions.

Cultural Diplomacy in East Asia »

The program aims at exploring and analyzing the East Asian region and its growing prominence in an increasingly globalized world.

Cultural Diplomacy in Latin America »

The  program creates constructive impact on the region's development. The program focuses on the varied multicultural societies of Latin and Southern American countries.