Academy for Cultural Diplomacy

About the Academy


Founded in 1999 in the USA, the ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy is an international, not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with headquarters in the USA and in Berlin.

The ICD Academy for Cultural Diplomacy aims to develop and raise awareness of the theory and practice of cultural diplomacy and related fields (such as global governance, international law, human rights, sustainable economies, and performing arts) as well as to explore new strategies for the strengthening of intercultural relations and promoting global peace. Areas of particular academic focus of the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy include intercultural relations, global governance, international politics, sustainable economies, international law & human rights.

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy runs the following activities:

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies »

The Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies (CCDS) is the world’s leading center for the study of cultural diplomacy, offering educational opportunities ranging from certificate programs to master’s and doctoral programs for graduates pursuing careers in academia, diplomacy, government and/or the private sector dedicated either wholly or in part to the field of cultural diplomacy. The educational programs of the Academy, offered in partnership with leading universities and institutions, allow students to analyze, research and experience cultural diplomacy in theory and in practice.

Cultural Diplomacy Research »

The Academy for Cultural Diplomacy is conducting ongoing research activity in the field of cultural diplomacy in order to benefit the public with access to information about the field of cultural diplomacy from a historical point of view up until the most recent current developments in the field.

Thematic Programs »

Thematic Programs are programs focused on specific political, cultural, or economic issues, or which concentrate on a particular geographical region or area. The Thematic Programs focus on the implementation and utility of Cultural Diplomacy as a tool to promote cooperation and understanding in a number of areas. Each Thematic Program includes a variety of activities based on a particular theme, ranging from International Conferences and Global Events to Interactive Panel Discussions, and Exhibitions.

International Conferences »

The Academy organizes a number of international conferences, which take place throughout the year and around the world. The international conferences provide an opportunity for larger audiences to actively participate and engage in lectures, debates, and discussions featuring high profile figures from the fields of international politics, diplomacy, culture, academia, and the private sector. The events have an inclusive participation policy and are open to individuals from all academic, cultural, and professional backgrounds.