World Association for the Study of Cultural Diplomacy (WAFSCD)


Founded in 2009 and developed by the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy,, the World Association for the Study of Cultural Diplomacy is the world's largest international association and network of the leading institutions operating in the field of cultural diplomacy. The Association views the study of Cultural Diplomacy as an interdisciplinary study comprising aspects of a wide range of traditional academic disciplines including international relations, political science, international economics, diplomacy, religious studies, philosophy, arts & cultural studies, history, and linguistics.

The aims of the World Association for the Study of Cultural Diplomacy are to encourage and support wide research in the field of cultural diplomacy, the rapid diffusion of the acquired knowledge and to facilitate its application. The WAFSCD aims to develop an understanding of cultural diplomacy through vision, innovation and leadership in cultural diplomacy education and the pursuit of excellence in education, the facilitation of contact between individuals and organizations, as well as the promotion of action to spread the use of cultural diplomacy.

The Goals of WAFSCD are:

  • To promote high quality research into cultural diplomacy education
  • To provide opportunities for developing cultural diplomacy educators
  • To disseminate good evidence-based cultural diplomacy and educational best practices
  • To inform and advise governmental and educational organizations on cultural diplomacy educational matters
  • To develop relationships with educational organizations and groups and support them to offer cultural diplomacy educational programs

WAFSCD Philosophy

The WAFSCD understands that in an increasingly globalized world, in which people are able to travel and exchange information faster than ever before, there is a growing interdependency between nations increasing in speed at an exponential rate. As a result, successful inter-cultural interaction will undoubtedly become a major challenge and opportunity for the international community in the 21st century.

The WAFSCD believes that inter- and intra-cultural relations can be strengthened and maintained through dialogue and education. This, in turn, leads to a better understanding and greater trust between cultures, prevents misunderstanding, improves communication and cooperation and helps  to reduce the likelihood of socio-cultural conflicts.

WAFSCD Activities

The WAFSCD has a function as a forum for debate and exchange of information, and is building on its networks to promote knowledge and expertise in cultural diplomacy education. The main fields of activity are research, publications, international conferences, consultation to governments and institutions, teaching, training and the promotion of education and educational opportunities worldwide. The target audience of the Association is firstly its institutional partners (primarily universities and research institutes), and secondly all those who are active in the field of Cultural Diplomacy through research, studies, publication, teaching or implementation of Cultural Diplomacy around the world.

The Council for Cultural Diplomacy Studies

The Association is governed by a Council and an Executive Committee chaired by the President.

The Council for Cultural Diplomacy Studies governs the World Association for the Study of Cultural Diplomacy and all of its activities. It is the decision-making, consulting and administrative body for the World Association for the Study of Cultural Diplomacy and is composed of the respected leaders of associated institutions and governmental representatives.

The Council for Cultural Diplomacy studies has taken the responsibility for producing the leading research and publications in the field of cultural diplomacy and it is designing, accrediting and implementing the first academic degree programs in the world.