The Amerika Haus was once again establishing itself on the cultural and political landscapes of Germany’s capital city. Since 2008 the ICD has been coordinating regular activity in the Amerika Haus that has helped to revive the tradition of the building as a centre for international dialogue and cultural exchange for the public in Berlin.

Over the months more than 10,000 people have attended one of the many events in this historic location. The events being held in the Amerika Haus included panel discussions, lectures, film screenings, artistic exhibitions, award ceremonies, community meetings, interactive seminars and workshops, and music and dance performances featuring high-profile figures from Germany and across the world. All events were open to the general public and free to attend. 

Throughout 2008- 2009 the ICD organized a range of events to help facilitate transatlantic, and international cultural exchange.

Calendar 2009

01.07.2009 (10:00) The Deutsche Guggenheim as an Example of Cultural Diplomacy
Ms. Svenja Gräfin von Reichenbach and Ms. Sara Bernshausen, The Deutsche Guggenheim
The Worldwide West: The Obama Administration’s Global NATO Perspective
Dr. Josef Braml, Fellow, German Council on Foreign Relations
01.07.2009 (16:00) Art As Cultural Diplomacy: Berlin Wall exhibition
Günter Schaefer, Artist
02.07.2009 (10:00) Belgium’s Role within the European-American Relationship
Ambassador Mark Geleyn, Ambassador of Belgium to Germany
Roundtable Discussion
02.07.2009 (14:00) Norway’s Role within the European-American Relationship
Ambassador Sven Erik Svedman, Ambassador of Norway to Germany
Roundtable Discussion
02.07.2009 (16:00) Insight on German Foreign Policy and Its Effects on the Transatlantic Relationship
Dr. Jan Bittner, Policy Planning Staff of the CDU/CSU Party in the German Parliament
Roundtable Discussion
03.07.2009 (10:00) Croatia’s Role within the European-American Relationship
Ambassador Miro Kovač, Ambassador of Croatia to Germany
03.07.2009 (14:00) German Cultural Diplomacy in the World
Dirk Augustin, Germany Foreign Office
03.07.2009 (16:30) Cultural Diplomacy from the Greek Perspective
Efthymios Efthymiades, Embassy of Greece to Germany
22.07.2009(16:45) Ethiopian Folktale Film
The Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
Film Screening, Reception
27.07.2009 -
The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy 2009 Event