The Rise of Africa - December 2010

An International Conference on New Strategies and Approaches to Governance and Sustainable Development in Africa (Berlin, 21st – 23rd January 2010)

  • The Rising Importance of Africa as Growing Global Power
    A Lecture by Rachel Bouhlal (H. E. Ambassador of Marocco to Germany)
  • The Evolving Role of the African Union in African Regional and International Integration
    A Lecture by Prince Immanuel Ben Yehuda
  • The Global South: The Future of Africa as a Developing Economy
    A Lecture by Professor Collette Suda (Secretary for Gender and Social Services of Kenya)
  • China and Africa: Opportunities and Challenges to Africa's Development
    A Lecture by Dr. Patrick Osakwe (Unctad Senior Econopmic Affairs Officer)
  • The Rise of Tourism: Nation Branding as a Tool to Attaching Investment, Tourism and Promoting Cultural Diversity
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Sandberg (University of Applied Sciences of Berlin)
  • The Question of Aid: Help or Hindrance in African Economic Development
    Panel Discussion including Dr. Patrick Osakwe (Mr. Daniel Pelz, Mr. Tumenta F. Kennedy, Mr. Sandile Gregory Gwexe and moderated by Prince Immanuel Ben Yehuda )
  • Supranational Economic Unions and Entrepreneurship as a Key to Stabilizing African Economies and Promoting Prosperity?
    Panel Discussion including Dr. Halima Noor-Abdi, Mr. John Eichler, Dr. Kharziel Ben Yehuda, Mr. Tumenta Kennedy, Mr. Mahesh Chetty, Mr. Daniel Pelz and moderated by Yehoeshafaht Ben Israel
  • African Influence in European Art: The Case of Picasso
    A Lecture by Ms. Laurence Madeline (Chief of Cultural and Eucation Department, Musée D'orsay)
  • An Interview with Professor Collette Suda
    Secretary for Gender and Social Services of Kenya. Interview conducted by Mr. Mark Donfried (Director of ICD)