Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Internship Testimonials 2013

Interns Awards Ceremony

Watch the intern's awards ceremony hosted by President Franco Frattini (President of the Organization for Youth Education and Development)

(Berlin; September 27th, 2013)

Águeda Varela

Internship Dates: April - July 2013

As usual, before we do an Internship and, specially, if it is in the field that you want to work in it in the future, you have great expectations and so did I. Also, like most things in life you don't get what you were expecting. And in the end, maybe because I have now a more realistic picture of all the time that went by, my experience in ICD was made of an international environment with great people from all around the world, my participation on some of the events that were very interesting to me and were I learned a lot, such as the Human Rights Symposium, and getting to know people who actually have an important role in doing something to change the future to a better one.

Aleksandar Brisevac

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

The best thing I found online so far!! Working with like-minded individuals can only be a good thing, especially in Berlin, where after work interesting things can happen. Not to mention the large number of important persons that you meet through various symposiums that the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy organizes, and memorable after-parties that are simply one of a kind... true Cultural Diplomacy. If you want to travel, meet a lot of good people, and possibly make some friends for life, you don't have to think- just apply for the ICD internship!

Ana Lordkipanidze

Internship Dates: June 2013

When I first entered the third floor of Ku´damm Karree on the first day of my internship at the ICD, I saw a transparent balcony, with many people outside. The working environment has been one of the most attractive sides of the ICD. As for the work, it was very interesting to learn how companies can make good PR with the events. As a group we were intensively working on the database, which broadened my horizon of how many companies in the world involve cultural diplomacy. Also, as I am from Georgia, one of my tasks was to contact Georgian youth organizations and Universities. During this activity I learned a lot about my country's youth development and am very thankful to ICD to give me this opportunity, as my goal in life is to dedicate myself to Georgian education system. In conclusion, ICD was a very interesting an awakening experience.

Anastasiia Shapkina

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

Berlin is a perfect place to be young. ICD is the perfect place to get some valuable lessons you will be using for the rest of your life. Three months of my internship were probably the most eventful I had in a long time. I got working experience, life experience, Berlin experience…

This time became even more special due to people I met at the ICD - all from different cultures, with diverse views and backgrounds, but everyone equally inspiring. Even though the road was tough some times, in the end I feel grateful for the time I spent in Berlin - it definitely made me a stronger person.

Anita Repić

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

My 3 months working as an intern at ICD went by so fast. Mostly because I had the chance to meet so many interesting people here, spend time with them and learn the real meaning of the melting pot everyone is talking about.

ICD gave me the opportunity to meet new friends and colleagues, possibly future leaders, politicians and diplomats, I am sure.  It was fun attending events and speeches of different speakers, all from different cultures and fields of expertise. I had an opportunity of being involved in OYED project, which was fun and hopefully it will evolve worldwide

I would like to thank the ICD team for opportunity to meet such a diverse group of young managers and interns that made my time in Berlin better than I could ever imagine.

Anja Šumberac

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

From the time I first arrived at the ICD, until my last day,  passed so fast that now in the end is just a mixture of emotions, knowledge, friendships, and cultural exchanges that I have experienced. Even though some of my expectations were not fulfilled, I will definitely take with me one of first professional experiences in lifetime with a surely great lesson in which way I should develop myself.

Once internship is near to the end, I am glad that I had opportunity to be a part of it, mixture of languages, cultures, running Africa conferences, putting all the forces to achieve the main goal, meeting dynamic group of people- interns as well as professionals. Also I would like to emphasize my enthusiasm to create a part of OYED organization where we had a chance to accomplish some of new and fresh ideas which will assist in achieving some of the main aims of the Institute.

Anna Angelkova

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

I knew about the internship at ICD because I was searching for a working experience in a German speaking country. After three months of being here, I can not imagine do have made a better choice but to come to Berlin.

Here I learned about the basics of marketing. I had the chance to participate in different conferences, one of them in Rome, and by doing this to get closer to the theory of cultural diplomacy.
Practicing cultural diplomacy itself was though the most valuable of my various experiences here. I can surely say that I enriched my knowledge about different cultures. The environment of young people from all around the world in the office made my working days more fun and my free time much better than I imagined - I met great friends here and I am sure that we will remain so after leaving the ICD.

I am also thankful to the Institute for all the professional and academic contacts that I made that could be useful for my future career.

Anna Kuchma

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

The internship was compulsory for me to graduate. I am studying Intercultural Communication, so I expected that the internship possibility at the ICD would be a perfect place for me to gain experience in my field of studies. But sometime it is better not to have high expectations. At least now I have a realistic picture how non-governmental organizations work. The most valuable thing for me was the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse workplace. I must admit that I would like to have learned more about the field of Cultural Diplomacy.

Moreover, living and working in Berlin was challenging and exciting.

Anne-Lise Verge

Internship Dates: April - July 2013

Internship at the ICD was for me a valuable experience in the area of NGO. Working for ICD though me a lot about cultural diplomacy and I have learnt a lot about the organization of events such as symposium or lecture. I also had the opportunity to work on the creation of the framework for the various panel discussions and presentations.

Thanks to the multiculturalism atmosphere you can find in their office, I have met a lot of young interns coming from all around the word. I built strong relationships with them and I extended my network.

Thank you ICD, and see you soon!

Chiara Ricci

Internship Dates: March - July 2013

It is extremely challenging, trying to resume my five-months experience as an intern at the ICD in just a few lines. The internship at the ICD has been of a vital importance to me, not only from a professional, but also from a personal point of view. I arrived in Berlin with any previous work experieces, but with lot of enthusiasm and ready for my first multi-cultural experience, and everything worked fine. Now, after five months at the ICD, I feel ready to face a plenty of new challenges with all the new tools that I have got.

In particular, I had the opportunity to take part in the first Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in Italy, which was held in Rome. This has definetely been one the most interesting experiences of my internship, and it represents for me also one the most positive memories of these months.

Nevertheless, the most interesting aspect of working here has been sharing the office with a dynamic, multi-cultural, diverse staff. At the ICD I had the opportunity not only to get closer to the theories of Cultural Diplomacy, but to really put it in practice by enjoying the company of other smart and young people coming from all over Europe and even further. That is something impossible to translate into words: Berlin is simply the perfect framework for such an experience, so enjoyable and intersting that I cannot but to warmly reccomand it to everybody.

Cindy Pelgrims

Internship Dates: February - May 2013

I first applied for this internship not knowing what to expect. This was my first experience working in an international organization abroad. I never knew I would fit in so easily.

During my three-month internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, I got to learn how a corporation deals with international diplomats. I worked in different teams and for different managers. This way I could experience the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy at its best.

The people I got to know and got the chance to work with, will always have a place in my heart.

Connor Griffiths

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

The ICD provided me with chance to venture on my first international experience. I've never travelled to a foreign country to live and work for such a long period of time before, so for me, not only the ICD, but the whole experience of living in Berlin has been a journey of discovery. The bravado of key terms such as 'intercultural dialogue' and 'globalization' is not the important thing, what really does matter in all of this is the people.

The ICD offers a unique opportunity to meet many like-minded individuals where you will surely make friendships that exist after your time in Berlin. At least for me, by the end of my internship I felt so close to so many of the people I worked with, and it is a remarkable feeling knowing that you will have friends from all around the world whom you can call on in future. 

The ICD tests your dedication and patience for work and you will come away from the institute with a better sense of what makes a workplace tick. Some days can be extremely hard; you will tirelessly search for contacts and carry out tasks that can sometimes feel repetitive and demeaning in the face of your skill set. However, there will also be times when you work on interesting projects with people that you will come to know and love. I've also had the chance to set up and contribute to various conferences, and I've been able to attend lectures of some important figures, some of which are very interesting.

To conclude, what can I say? There are pros and cons to nearly everything you will ever do—so I don't think it's good to focus on anything that's negative. All in all the ICD, for me, has been a worthwhile experience and I have learned a lot. Not only about work, but about myself and other people. I do not regret anything about my decision work at the ICD one bit, and I hope to see everyone I've met again at some point in the future.

Danielle May

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

One of the most memorable highlights of my time at the ICD was having the opportunity to work on the Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and Human Rights, where I participated in many interesting debates on topics such as genocide prevention and women's rights. On this occasion and others, I got a chance to meet and interview distinguished activists and politicians, including senators and former prime ministers. The working environment at the ICD is extremely international, and I made some close friends during my internship. Being exposed to international relations issues on a daily basis also developed my knowledge in this area and will assist me in my future career.

David Kralj 

Internship Dates: January - April 2013

During my  4 months long internship at the institute, I was helping to organize and attend a range of conference events (Berlin International Economic Congress, The Cultural Diplomacy in Europe Conference, Europe Meets Russia etc.). I had the chance to involve myself with various projects including searching for guest speakers and interviewing them,  helping with the logistics, writing articles and of course expanding our databases. The opportunity to interact with prominent speakers at the conference enhanced and enriched my knowledge on different topics such as human rights, sustainable development, diplomatic co-operation and cultural diplomacy.

Besides all that, the most important thing of the internship was oportunity to work in a multinational and multicultural team of young, open minded and creative people  who were willing to help and socialize at every possible oportunity. To conclude, I spent great time here at the ICD in Berlin, it really was an unforgetable experience for me. Highly recommended!

Davide Rastelli

Internship Dates: February 2013 - July 2013

Over the past five months I have been a member of the developments team at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, and I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown. As a member of the developments team, I was responsible for developing ICD programs, writing agendas and overviews for a multitude of international conferences and young leaders' forums, creating content for the website, and contributing to the design and writing of several publications including the Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary and biannual newsletter. Not only did this prove to be an enjoyable experience, but I have found that my formal writing style has improved.

Interning at the ICD gave me the opportunity to become educated on a number of relevant contemporary issues in the fields of international relations, cultural diplomacy, politics, economics, and history. Participating in ICD-organised conferences and intern-led events gave me the chance to learn about different cultures and a number of salient issues which affect many of us in our globalised world. I also came into contact with a number of important individuals, including a number of current and former heads of state, ambassadors, economists, ministers, and academics.

During my placement at the ICD I had the pleasure of working alongside a young, interested, multicultural team of like-minded individuals with whom I have developed lasting bonds, and I hope to remain in contact with many of my newfound friends from the organisation. I would like to thank the ICD for what has been a fruitful five months.

Elsa Crowther

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

The ICD Internship programme was recommended to me by my University back in the UK. After having been suggested to come to the ICD to complete a three month internship, I did a little research on the organisation and the work they do in the field of Cultural Diplomacy and was very impressed by their engagement in the area of International Relations and Cultural Studies.

After having been at the ICD for three months, I can say I have experienced all types of work. From  researching, databasing and sending invitations to speakers and participants of the Conferences that were organised during my time here to partaking in the Conferences themselves. I have had many diverse experiences at the ICD and although I can not say that I enjoyed all of them, I have been able to narrow my possible future career choices thanks to the experiences made here.

On the other hand, Berlin itself is the best possible city to approach a subject such as Cultural Diplomacy. Considered Europe (if not the World's) most diverse and tolerant city, anybody is able to make themselves at home here. I can only recommend making the effort of coming to Berlin and experiencing the 'new' German way of life, far removed from the image many Europeans have of Germany.

Hana Brediková

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

At the beginning of my internship I was assigned to the African and Human Rights team, which to the great extent fits to my academic focus. The aim of our team was to promote cultural diplomacy and all activities which could be used to raised awareness about the African problems, especially free media and film industry shortcomings. Being given the opportunity to concentrate on conferences and seminars concerning issues related to Africa and Human rights, I was offered with the space for networking and opportunity to learn a lot from high profile speakers during these events. As an intern in Institute for Cultural diplomacy I was introduce to the workings environment of an international NGO together with other interns with culturally various backgrounds. Looking back to the three months I am leaving my working place with hopefully long lasting friendships and enriching experience on my account.

Ieva Riekstina

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

Being an intern in ICD and living in Berlin for few months has been a good experience in my life. ICD office is a great mixture of different nationalities all over the world, it means dynamic environment every day.  Berlin as a city is full of life and surprises, I enjoyed my stay here.

Jacek Jarosiński

Internship Dates: January - May 2013

My interships began in early February and lasted for three months. It was the first this type of experience in my life, when I had to stay in international environment for such a long time, and the first time when I had to use English in all situations at work and in life.

During the internships I had the opportunity to see how the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy really work's and also to active participation in it's actions like: marketing, research, and logistical preparation of the conference's which had been organized by the Institute.

I also had honour to participate as a part of the team in the Organization for Youth Education and Development which is dedicated to promotion and execution of education and development programs and try to provide the younger generation greater access to personal development.

However, personaly for me the most important thing which ICD gives for interns is an oportunity to live, even for a short time, in the international enviroment among the wonderful and wise young people from all over the world. This is a remarkable oportunity for every participant to strart frendships, to get used to work in the international environment, increase self confidence and also to highly improve the level of the English and German language.

Internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is a great adventure which will definitely affect to the personal development of each participant.

Jakub Cywinski

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

Internship at ICD is a truly great experience. It gives you the possibility to develop in a wide variety of fields and a chance of cooperation with people from all around the world.

While working for Institute for Cultural Diplomacy I was involved in a few interesting projects including marketing, research, organizing the conferences and writing the Cultural Diplomacy Dictionary. I could experience the everyday work  of an NGO, learn how multicultural conferences are organized and most importantly be an important part of this process.

Management team is friendly, and always ready to help you with your daily tasks. The atmosphere in the office is great. You may expect to meet amazing people from various countries, and start friendships, which will last long after the internship ends.

Last, but not least, you have the possibility to visit and live in one of the most extraordinary cities in the world. There is honestly never enough time to see everything in Berlin.

Josefien Smet

Internship Dates: February - May 2013

I was an intern in the ICD for three months; these months flew by so quickly.  I applied for this internship because I wanted to complete my internship in a cultural organization. The ICD brings different cultures together to exchange ideas and I wanted to be a part of that. I learned how an NGO works, took part in some conferences and most of all I met so many nice people from all over the world.

I think that being around with people from other countries and cultures really opens your eyes to the rest of the world and enriched me as a person. My internship at the ICD was really developmental for me and I am sure that it will help me in my future.

I am grateful that I was a part of the ICD team during three months. During my time here  I made some great friends and had the time to discover Berlin. ICD friends and Berlin, I will miss you!

Karen Diop

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

Working for the ICD was a great experience. Discovering a new field of study was a very attractive thing. What I appreciated as an intern is the opportunity to work on many different projects. Organizing conferences, developing Marketing strategies, doing Video editing and so on.

The highlights of my three months were: to try to develop the ICD influence with marketing strategies, to deal with very high profile speakers from politics to business, to develop my knowledge of the press domain and all of this with a quite large room to manoeuvre.

The ICD has a real potential and the people that I met here created such an amazing work environment. As many of my colleagues said, this internship at the ICD was first of all an amazing human experience with the others interns.

Katarina Erdélyiová

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

The internship for ICD came all very quickly. I was just about to finish my study exchange in Vilnius, Lithuania, when I was thinking about how to fill in my summer so it would turn out to be memorable but also useful for my future aims. I started to look for internships in my field, International Relations. Just after one week after my studies as a fresh bachelor of IR, I found myself in Berlin.

When it comes to ICD, I was definitely warmly welcomed by the team, which was young, energetic and full of aspirations and goals. And it was not really only about my direct colleagues; I have to say the same about our supervisors as well. I really do believe that once it comes to work one of the most essential things is to have an inspirational, cheerful and helpful team around. That was definitely the profile that I perceived positively while staying here. ICD really is a little melting pot and is a basic source which the idea for intercultural exchange stems from.

And this is exactly the perception and aim that ICD pursues. There is a lot of work going on daily, yes also monotone is also a part of it, though I luckily also experienced a field work while I was escorting a group of conference participant from Nigeria to various locations where they were given interesting seminars and presentations. ICD gives its interns total freedom for their own initiatives and all ideas are being heard out which also something that strongly corresponds to the effectiveness of an NGO.

Katarzyna Gluszak

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

I had been an Intern at the ICD for three months. I chose this organisation, because I truly believe in  their goals. Spreading multiculturalism, values and peace is essential in the world we live in. It had been a great opportunity to get to know how a modern NGO is working and that with a little bit of faith and positive attitude you can actually make a difference. What is really exquisite about this internship is that you can meet and talk with high-profile politicians, take part in international conferences and gain organisational and communication skills.

Moreover, thanks to the ICD I had a chance to meet lots of amazing and fascinating people from all over the world. Working with them was a pleasure, spending time in an international environment and having the ability to exchange ideas and thoughts was extremely enriching for me.

Like Albert Camus once said 'You cannot create experience. You must undergo it.'

Thank you ICD Team. All the best !

Kristina Soklič

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

During my time at ICD I learned some valuable lessons: especially how to be flexible, multitasking and how to run (or not to run) things at the organization. I worked with many managers and changed many teams and people with whom I worked with. In my opinion the most hectic times (and some days the calmest times) were my time that I spent at the reception, where I gained many experience (especially how to run two or more different tasks at the same time) and strengthen my organizational skills. I was able to communicate with people from all over the world and occasionally some diplomatic skills were needed. Overall the internship at ICD offers you the real practice in the field of cultural diplomacy, since you deal with so many different people with different cultural backgrounds. In the end I would like to thank all of my colleagues and friends, who made the internship an unforgettable experience.

Laura Richardson

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

I undertook a 3 months internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, in Berlin. The first thing I can tell you is: it went so quickly!
I started working in the Human Rights Team where I was able to conduct research on women's rights and genocide. I then moved on to the Development Team where I got to write event reports and brainstormed ideas for conference agendas. My final team was the Marketing Team where I advertised our conferences and projects to potential speakers and participants.

One of the highlights of this experience was the Berlin International Economics Congress. I was able to participate in one of the panel discussions on youth unemployment and I interviewed some of the speakers. Most importantly, I met very interesting speakers and participants and discovered new cultural aspects from a wide range of countries. I really appreciated the dance performances and the food tasting.

I was excited to learn about a new field of study; we had lectures almost every week on cultural diplomacy with the ICD's founder, Mark Donfried. Cultural diplomacy is an inspiring concept and I hope its implementation can continue to prove successful.

Finally, the ICD is a great place to take initiatives. Interns are encouraged to organize their own event which gives them an opportunity to feel more involved in the ICD's work.

My experience at the Institute was very enriching professionally but also on a personal level. I met some great people and I will miss them.

Lauri Eskola

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

As a person who didn't know anyone else when I arrived, I found it was easy to get to know the people at the ICD. The best part of this experience actually has been meeting so many marvelous people and connecting with them. I personally had the chance to go to participate in London Arts Conference and Young Leaders Forums which I enjoyed much. Meeting the speakers and the participants of the conference and experiencing different parts of London through the program was absolutely fantastic. All together from the ICD I have made friends for life which I know to be in contact with.

Lisa Labath

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

One of the most important reasons I applied for an internship at the ICD was the opportunity to work in an international environment and meet an incredibly interesting and varied team. My experience with marketing and organisation skills have grown, and I learned a lot about teamwork. Near the end of my internship I got the chance to go to Rome for an international conference on cultural diplomacy, with a delegation of managers and interns. This opportunity was the best part of my three months in this organisation, and an unforgettable experience I will always remember dearly.

Lucie Gil

Internship Dates: February - July 2013

I stayed six months at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Half a year that is now coming to an end. That means quite a lot of things to say. Where to start? I was involved in the media team for the first two months of my internship before integrating the African team. I also worked for the conferences team when additional help was needed to market the programs. I had the opportunity to take part in a number of inspiring conferences, one of them in Brussels, and to follow projects from the very beginning within the African team, which has been growing during my internship. Besides marketing, I wrote articles, translated speeches, edit videos, took pictures… This was thus quite a diverse and valuable experience to end my studies and launch my professional life.

Let's be honest and say that it was not easy every day. Lack of time, lack of means… This has sometimes been frustrating. But with good music, a bit of chocolate and a wonderful working team, everything became possible. The ICD offers a unique multicultural environment and enables to meet people coming from all around the world, starting at home what it tries to expand elsewhere: Cultural Diplomacy. Speakers, participants, other interns and staff members have made those six months so colorful and enriching, that they will be unforgettable.

Ludmila Vávrová

Internship Dates: February - May 2013

The internship at the ICD is not only one item in my CV, it is has been one great chapter of my life! I do not start with how much the internship contributed to my professional career, but there is one other important aspect of this internship, and so, all those people I have met at the ICD and friendships I could experience. One should not underestimate the importance of a pleasant working environment where people help each other and behave like a big family, and these friendships go even beyond the working hours. ICD team, it is what did my internship experience so unforgettable.

No doubt, this internship helped me learn about myself, my personal abilities and professional skills I never knew I had. As a proactive person, I spent the time in the organisation very efficiently. The ICD wants "go-getters", people who are not afraid of taking the initiative and these individuals get as much support as possible. The two drivers of well-working organisation, supporting managers and proactive interns, it is the essence of the ICD internship project.

Margaux Narbey

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

I came at the ICD from April to June for my masters studies mandatory internship. The idea was mainly to get a first experience within an NGO, in the field of international relations and to gain some knowledge on different fields such as human rights, African politics, etc.

Regarding these goals, I would say that the internship as been more or less satisfying. The opportunity to meet a vast range of people through the conference is a real advantage even though the format, with a lot of lectures following each other do not always permit to go too deep in the topic or to really get in touch with the speakers. However, it remains a possibility that few institutions can give.

Working for the African department, i also gained strong knowledge about the continent, politics, human rights through blog articles, building a website However, one regret I have is that with time, databasing and marketing came over this kind of "research" and intellectual work, which is a real frustration.

All in all, I would say that my internship at the ICD has been a satisfying one. I learned some stuff, have met a lot of people, it was the occasion to learn german and to experience life in Berlin.

Maria Teresita Ordaz Apolinar

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

The Highlight of my 3 months internship in the ICD is summarized as follows: I had the joy of experiencing the fascinating city of Berlin to the maximum, finding me constantly surrounded at the same time by really inspiring and interesting people, among them the other interns, the students of the MA program, professors and the speakers.

I especially enjoyed working during my last 3 weeks on the Media Team - even though I have no formation in IT-, because I learnt the most during my whole ICD experience, and had the chance to go out of my comfort zone.

Olga Karazei

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

Three months at ICD flew by very quickly. The time has come to sum it up.

This is what I have been doing during my internship. My work at the ICD embraced drafting and compiling information about upcoming international conferences for the ICD web-site; writing information for target audiences in the social media; as well as making press releases, gathering information for conferences and contributing to the Young Cultural Diplomacy brochure. Another part of my daily work included marketing and raising awareness of the ICD conferences in social media (mainly in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), cold calling, blind e-mailing, looking for possible speakers and participants for the conferences (taking into consideration the target audience and conducting a research to find the most suitable ones) and communicating with partners in order to maintain working relationships. Frequently I was involved in organizing production and distribution of brochures and flyers via the Internet by means of cold calling and sending follow-up e-mails afterwards. I responded to a variety of inquires and information requests internally and externally.

ICD is eventually an unforgettable life experience. I enjoyed the international atmosphere while working at ICD. Moreover, I was constantly using the knowledge of the three languages during my daily professional activities: English, German and Russian. Berlin was such a nice place to stay for 3 months! However, the most important thing after all was that I met really good friends here, with whom I hope to stay in touch in the future!

Peter Dudič

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the three most important aspects of my experience at the ICD. 

What I have really enjoyed during these three months were the people that I have worked with and the people that I have met during conferences. I attended various lectures and presentations during these events where I met high profile politicians, ambassadors and former presidents which was very exciting. My team was very international and multi-cultural. This is definitely a great opportunity to make new contacts and network with people from all around the world. In my opinion, this was cultural diplomacy exercised in practice.

My internship also enabled me to develop and improve certain skills, such as raising awareness techniques, social media and online marketing, and phone skills. In addition, there was a place and time to organise my own event and write articles. Together with other two colleagues, we have organised a discussion panel on women's rights. Since my background is also in human rights, I really enjoyed this opportunity which also strengthened my research, planning and organisation skills.     

And finally, Berlin is a great European city, very vibrant with lots of opportunities, well-established international community and with deep history. So, this aspect has positively contributed to my experience at the non-governmental organisation.

Romain Galiby

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

During the internship I worked in many teams which was interesting regarding my background studies. When I started working in the Conference's team, it was the occasion to work on my English.

I had also the chance to meet the first secretary of the Burundi embassy in Berlin. During this meeting we talked about how improve the communication of the embassy via their website and social network. In this time I was in charge of the facebook account, finding articles related to Burundi in terms of sports, health, politics. I learnt about the country and its culture, it was really interesting.

Working in an international team is a really nice experience, now some of my colleagues or good friend and I will keep in touch with them.

Saniya Giniatullina

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

One cannot simply reassume the time spent at the ICD: there are so many factors that affected my internship and my life in Berlin that would need more than words. It has been a very interesting experience from the professional, learning, working, and even emotional point of view.

When working at the ICD, the intern can receive a deep perspective on how things work in the real world, not what we might be taught at university. I learnt a great deal of working know-how from my managers and colleagues, whom I must thank for being always available and understanding.

Though the internship lasted for only three months, our team has managed to accomplish so much and the results achieved have brought great satisfaction to all the stakeholders. Working in such a family-like environment gave us all great motivation and energy to go on no matter the difficulties.

Sanja Pancic

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

It has been three months since I first came in Berlin and joined the ICD. I can say it was truly an amazing feeling to experience Berlin life style, learn about German culture and habits.

The highlight of my internship period was definitely the opportunity to meet different people from around the world and acquire lifetime friendship. At the same time I had the chance to be part of the ICD team, interact with colleagues, work in groups, gain knowledge of Cultural Diplomacy, and take part in the conferences.

Nowadays it is not always easy to accomplish a common dialogue and create a sustainable relation. I believe that people can change the world if they are guided by true moral and traditional values. Spreading the knowledge, exchanging experience and positive energy is the path that leads to understanding and respect between people.

Seth Timpke

Internship Dates: February - March 2013

'Even though I was only able to work at the ICD for one month it was still a valuable experience. I wish I could have stayed for the 3 or 6 month internship period. In the four weeks at the ICD I worked with the marketing team and learned how to get in contact with universities and other institutions, in order to inform them about the programs at the ICD.

I was also able to participate in the 2013 Berlin International Economics Congress. The Conference gave me the opportunity to listen to prominent speakers from all around the world and to experience snippets of their cultures.

I hope in the future that I'll be able to get another opportunity to work for the ICD.'

Sofiya Petkova

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

There are several points that I like in my internship at the ICD.

The first is that there weren't two days alike. I am not afraid of challenges and I like to work in dynamic environment.

The second is the learning by doing. I learned a lot, however, not from books but by personal guidance. The ICD is a place where interns and professionals mutually exchange diverse knowledge and experience. Interns can learn from the more experienced staff, as well as the other way around.

Next I line is the cultural exchange. I was working in a multicultural environment and so we, the interns, had the opportunity to learn from one another about our cultures.

I like also that I had the opportunity to work in different teams and execute diverse tasks ranging from marketing to event management and thus I expanded my professional knowledge and experience. Moreover, I was working with young professionals and I find it exciting to see that young people manage the work professionally and with high spirit.

And last but not the least I like that I had the opportunity to do networking and meet people from different nationalities, as well as from diverse fields such as politics, economics and many other.

I am grateful that I had the pleasure to be part of ICD Team and I wish to all future interns to have as wonderful time here as I had.

Sophie Ogden

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

It was the first time I was working full time for a longer period and in English and in a young International environment. During these three months at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy I had the chance the meet interns from all over Europe and beyond. Working with so various people opened more my eyes on the rest of the world and, with their experiences and stories, enriched me.

In addition I was helping to promote and attend several conferences and lectures on different topics. I also had the chance to write for the Africa blog and thereby to expend my knowledge about Africa. While working in the ICD, I also got to know in more details what cultural diplomacy is.

Finally I had the opportunity to do an internship in Berlin, which is a great city, and to learn German.

Stefan Van Roy

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

This was my first real working experience in an international environment. I am studying International Entrepreneurship and I wanted to see for myself what it is like to work abroad, as I will probably have to travel in my future job.

Before I came to the ICD, I was not that culture minded, because I do not really have a background in this field. During my internship I have had experiences with a lot of different cultures and I have attended many lectures of prestigious speakers.

Moreover I have met many new people. I have had the chance to meet people here in Berlin, I would never have met otherwise. Next to that I have also discovered how difficult it is to organise a conference. We have experienced setting up a conference from the beginning point, till the actual execution of it.

So I think it was an interesting internship for me to get to know more about working in another country and next to that Berlin is just a very nice place to do your internship.

Teodora Rebrisorean

Internship Dates: April - June 2013

I chose this internship at the ICD because I had always been drawn to humanitarian and development work, in particular with work involving peace and human rights actions. Becoming involved with Institute for Cultural Diplomacy was a great opportunity for me, I was able to participate in concrete projects and conferences, ones in which I could discover other nations' culture and people.

At the ICD I was given the chance to work with different teams such as the Marketing team, and the Media team. My work essentially consisted of marketing, raising awareness about the conferences organized by the Institute, and media projects, which permitted me to work on a multitude of small projects, but also on projects of utmost importance, all very different from the others and global projects of an NGO in expansion. This internship helped me learn how it's like to work in a team and how to develop my personal abilities and professional skills for a career in this field.

Many great friendships were made during my internship, and I thank everyone that helped make this internship such a success.

Thank you ICD team!

Tjaša Sobočan

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

My 3-month internship at the ICD went by really quickly as the team is amazing and very fun to work with. Let me begin by saying something about my decision to do the internship at the ICD.

I chose the ICD because I wanted to grasp my enthusiasm over the field of cultural diplomacy and to gain professional insight it offers. This was an outstanding opportunity because it opens you the possibility to expand your professional network with all the conference participants and guest speakers on different occasions. The biggest advantage is that you get to know them also in a friendly, informal environment, which is perfect to work on your communication skills with the high profile guests.

Secondly, a few words concerning the ICD team. Considering that the ICD is situated in Berlin, it shows its openness to multilingual and multicultural personnel, and welcomes interns from all over the world. This is an outstanding opportunity for a young student to work with people of his own age from different parts of the world. At the ICD, we are a family. For me this was a remarkable occasion, which I will never forget.

Last but not least, my biggest gain from the ICD is the knowledge of what I want to pursue in my future career. Working in the field of international relations and in a multicultural environment, being a part of dynamic projects and teams, dealing with important issues to contribute to a better tomorrow for those in need. At the ICD I had the possibility to learn more on conference management and marketing, which is a great asset to begin your career with.

To all who would like to work with great people in multicultural environment and learn more on the topics of cultural diplomacy, I recommend to start applying for the ICD internship.

Valentina Martínez Mariscal

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

I came to the ICD because I was interested in acquiring experience in the international affairs and intercultural area, a field I wish to work in after my studies.  The concept of Cultural Diplomacy and the activities of the Institute I found resonated with an important goal to achieve in the current globalized world. I was also drawn by living in Berlin, which is well known for being dynamic, alternative and vibrant. I thought it would be a good conclusion to my master studies in Intercultural Engineering.

My experience in ICD was rich in many ways. An important part of the process was learning about the dos and don'ts of the functioning of an organization. I got the opportunity to work in an international environment with interesting and driven people. I also got the chance to learn valuable experiences in networking and nourishing professional relations, whilst applying some of the things I'd learned during my studies while organizing and participating in the events. Two aspects that I also considered valuable in my experience as an intern at the ICD were, firstly, that we could get in touch with some high level professionals in international relations, and get to know more about their roles in bringing about the change they wanted to see; and secondly is the support and encouragement the organization provides to intern initiatives in their field of interest.

All in all, I consider my internship has been an extremely valuable human experience. I feel very inspired by the people I've met and I look forward to working in this new and relevant field of study in the future.

Victoria Perlini 

Internship Dates: January - April 2013

My Internship at the ICD lasted for four months. I had heard a lot about the ICD before coming and I was very happy to see that it turned out to be exactly what I expected.

Not only is the ICD situated in the Centre of Berlin, which makes it really easy to discover this wonderful  city, but it's also the perfect place to meet young interesting people from all over the world. During my internship I was working in a team with people from different nationalities, cultures and backgrounds which made my time at the ICD very enriching. Since the main tasks of the interns at the ICD are based on team work, I had the opportunity to learn a lot from the other Interns and elaborate my team working and organizational skills.

I am also very happy to have had the chance to attend interesting conferences like the Berlin International Economics Congress, and travel to London to attend the Cultural Bridges conference. I see my internship at the ICD as a very inspiring experience and feel grateful to have been able to work together with great people in a very friendly and relaxed working environment.  After this internship I will be staying in Berlin and will be very happy to stay in contact with the other Interns and Managers.

Vlad Cherniy

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

The most valuable experience obtained during my stay in ICD was how you eventually become tied up with colourful cultures of people around you. You learn to create an attaching environment among your colleagues who come from different countries typically with different values. Therefore your teammates in time are becoming your friends and you are getting used to them. Speaking work wise you learn how to develop team work, communicate with major politicians and participating the conferences ICD puts together. This accompanies with another opportunities you will be able to operate which includes the techniques of marketing and organisational skills. The experience of ICD in the end is necessary for any person no matter what type of specialisation you've chosen in your life. Besides internship accompanies an amazing involvement in Berlin's lifestyle which you'll enjoy in many aspects

Vladislav Strnad

Internship Dates: July 2013 - September 2013

Internship at the ICD.... I would compare to Erasmus exchange or to studies at the University. It will be good as you want it to be. If the intern demonstrates initiative, fervor, and is coming up with ideas ...there will be positive reaction of the organization which will bring you more options. ICD gives you opportunities and it's upon to you how will you utilize them.

Witold Wrótniak

Internship Dates: January 2013 - March 2013

I have been intern in ICD for three months. At the beginning I did not know what to expect from this internship and organization as well. I have never studied abroad and I did not have contact with cultural diplomacy before.

Now I can say that it was the best time in my life. I have met amazing people thanks to them I felt like stude