Internship Testimonials

Adam Reith

Before I began my internship at the ICD, I was a little apprehensive about starting a new chapter in a foreign country, starting an internship in an office environment with many new faces and different personalities. As soon as I walked into the ICD offices on my first day, these fears quickly disappeared. The atmosphere at the ICD is unique - international, friendly and above all else, hard-working. This atmosphere, combined with its location in Berlin, makes the ICD experience truly special. I have been so priveleged to have work alongside a team that I have grown to get to know and eventually developed friendships that will last a lifetime. One may say that it is an added bonus, as it were, to be able to make such good friends; but at the same time, be able to gain such valuable work experience. I was lucky enough to be able to oversee many conferences that the ICD holds as a part of the CD News Team. Without my internship, I would never had the opportunity to be in such close contact with ambassadors, diplomats, academics and even business people - from all over the world. Now that my internship has drawn to a close, I will always look back on my time at the ICD with nostalgia - nostalgia about the people, the place and the work. I can honestly say that I have had the best three months of my life.

Alexandra Carlsson

Official view: During my 6 months at the ICD last spring, I managed to solidify and better nuance my cultural beliefs and I gained a higher admiration for those people who struggle to reinvent and reintroduce cultural diplomacy in people's daily activities. 

Informal view: The hands-on, real life experience that I've gained through my internship at the ICD has proved to be invaluable. The experience that I have gained throughout my internship is something that I would have never encountered during my masters in cultural management. When you are given a leading position, your responsibility-scale grows by 100% and your ambitions become higher and higher. Everything I had done before this internship made me realize how important it is to get involved in extracurriculars from an early age. Coming from a mixed marriage, I knew cultural diversity was something that needed further research for my personal achievement. However, ICD taught me the relevance of actually sharing the idea with others and making young leaders initiatives become powerful back in their own countries and environments. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and think you have a great team to work with, you have a forum or a conference to organize and you have a whole cultural and academic world to impress with your new project. I think this is the greatest experience of all when preparing for your life-time career.

As a result, I now run my own cultural projects in village rehabilitation in Transylvania through the Maria Nobrega Foundation

Alexandre Barjon-Cohade

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy offered me a 3 months internship during the summer 2010. I was really proud to be able to work for a non-for-profit organization that tries to promote international links through conferences, debates and art. This internship allowed me to extend my social network in an unprecedented way. Indeed, the ICD offers a great multi-cultural working environment. The staff and the interns come from all over the world, and the weeklong seminars gave me the chance to meet ambassadors and ministers in a very relaxed atmosphere as well as building friendships with the participants.

I particularly enjoyed the confidence the staff put into the interns. It allows us to take responsibilities and to be really involved in the ICD project. I think that very little internships offer to interns such an opportunity to show what they are capable of. Doing my best for the ICD was a very rewarding pleasure.

I spent a very good time in this organization and am also proud of being now part of this big family the ICD represents.

Alison Brown

The ICD gave me an opportunity to try something new.  From meeting former prime ministers, visiting ambassadors and some of the world's leading intellectuals, the ICD gave me a chance to try my hand at networking, writing, databasing and a range of things I'd never tried before.  But most importantly, it gave me an opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded young people from all over the world.  Getting to know these people and their variety of backgrounds opened my mind to the world, and inspired me to do and see more.  Interning at the ICD is truly what you make of it, and if you have a positive outlook, it can be an unforgettable experience.

Andrea Hackl

Personally as well as professionally, the time at the ICD has been an invaluable experience. Professionally, my internship provided me with the great opportunity to communicate with scholars, artists and professors around the world. Personally, it was a really exciting time as I have been able to work with a cross-cultural, inspiring team. If you want to meet new friends and work for a great cause, the internship at the ICD is the perfect opportunity for you.

Ángela Martínez Amador

My work experience at the ICD has been very enriching for me, not only professionally, but also personally. As a 24-year old translator and interpreter, and expert in international relations, I must say that this experience has given my the opportunity to broaden my horizon and acquire new experiences in my expertise fields. I have been working in a completely multicultural group, with people from many different origins and backgrounds, which not only has given me the opportunity to improve my foreign languages but my colleagues were also great people with whom I felt very comfortable working, an that is always a great pleasure. Besides, I was given the opportunity to attend very interesting conferences, panel discussions and other kind of events. Particularly I attended a very interesting conference from the Director of the Collegium Hungaricum from Berlin and visited the German Parliament or Reichstag, where I had the opportunity to attend a speech from a member of the European Parliament representing Germany. Specially, the message that will remain in my mind forever after the internship at the ICD is that Cultural Diplomacy is the best way to correct the chaos in which this world is nowadays, in contrast to other forms of diplomacy or even military power. I would highly recommend this internship to everyone who wants to take an important step in his career, and specially to everyone who wants to make a change in this world.

Anita Sek

Internship at the ICD was for me a challenging time - in the non-profit area there is always a lot to deal with, and it depends on your discipline and... own imagination, how you will cope with it. Work for a non-govermental international well-known organisation opens enormous space for your own creativity and in a very short time perfectly checks your character... The ICD gave me the only opportunity to meet unforgettable people - such people you remind later in your life as 'real positive kicks'. And there is something else... absolutely amasing and breathtaking Berlin all around you!

Anna-Marie Drake

I started my internship for the ICD in July 2008 during my graduate studies at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. In the beginning, I was given the task of putting a database together with academic contacts for future forums, and more specifically the inaugural Cultural Diplomacy in Africa: a Forum for young leaders.  The chance to see that program grow and come to fruition was exciting.  In addition to that program, I had the chance to assist with the lecture series on the American Election. This was a joint program between the ICD and the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung.  It was great to see the Amerika Haus being used again as an outreach between Germany and the United States. The lectures and discussions about the American Electoral system were a great example of the dialogue the ICD tries to exemplify and promote.

Not only did I get the chance to work with people from all over the world, but I also had the chance to get to know them in unofficial settings as well, through lunches out, or disco outings . We even took a work "field trip" to see then presidential candidate Barack Obama speak in Berlin at the Siege Saule. It was exciting to experience that with all my co-workers and friends.
It was exciting and inspiring to see Mark Donfried's vision come to fruition. For a young American visionary to found and create an institute in a foreign country and to see it come so far, gives young people, like myself, hope for their own futures.

Anselme Fayolle

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is a dynamic and active organization. During my time at the ICD I particularly enjoyed working with young people coming from across Europe and even the United States and Australia. The international environment that characterizes the ICD is extremely rewarding since you get to know different cultures and different ways of thinking. You also have the opportunity to play a role in the organization of events related to cultural diplomacy and aimed at fostering intercultural relations. In my case I helped promoting the Europe Meets Russia conference, which I found very interesting as I had spent the previous year in Moscow and therefore felt a strong link with the country. My participation in the Floodwall exhibition also gave me the opportunity to work directly with the artist in charge of the project and allowed me to discover yet another aspect of what is covered by the notion of cultural diplomacy. Thus my experience in the ICD has been really positive on both a professional and personal level and I will be able to use in the future what I have learnt during my internship.

Ashley Jill Thompson

When I think back on the summer I spent in Berlin, Germany, these words come to mind:  friendships and hard-work.  While I have many impressions from this time, the most special and memorable are from the experiences I had while working at the ICD as well as after-work events with my co-workers.  The people at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy are what made my experience what it was.  Working together with so many different people from different backgrounds allowed me to adapt to unpredictable situations as well as to become closer to these people that I consider now to be some of my best friends.  Not only was I supported while being challenged at work, but I was encouraged to be creative and to learn new tasks.  The last few weeks of my internship were filled with tons of hard-work--putting on conferences and events, which were sometimes really frustrating and difficult.  However, the support of my co-workers was the fuel that I needed to continue and what made me enjoy the time I spent at the ICD.  This experience is something that I am glad to have been a part of, and I am so happy to have been a member of the ICD team, because that (to me) is what Cultural Diplomacy stands for:  people from diverse backgrounds, coming together to work toward the same goals and initiatives to improve understanding and bonds between one another.*

Aurelia Mason

Dear Mark, dear William,
As agreed, here are my thoughts on the ICD and the internship:
I really value this internship because it provided me with the experience of working for an NGO, and of course use my language skills on a daily basis.

What I enjoyed most were definitely the people here, and the dynamics that came out of teamwork at ICD.

Although I have to say that I believe the ICD should be more organised and would then be a lot more efficient, I still think the work is great, and the conferences are usually very good and interesting.
I do believe things should be done more in advance, and in a more structured way, but I see great potential in the ICD and I really felt at ease in this environment, which was very enjoyable.
The fellow interns, as well as Mark and other staff were a very positive presence here and contributed to the positive outcome of my internship, and I am sure I will keep some form of 'links' to the ICD in the future (or at least I hope so). The atmosphere is usually extremely pleasant in the office and I like the fact that the ICD is always looking for new partners, and projects/programmes.

I hope the ICD will manage to grow, and become more organised and established, because a lot of great stuff can be done and come out of it - and this is what I enjoyed the most in my internship: the potential to run projects, brainstorm to get new ideas, and the varied work. I wish I had been able to stay for longer, therefore being more involved, and doing things on the mid- to long term, but I'm grateful to have been able to get a taste of the ICD and its very good network.

Bilgen Uzar

My internship at Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has made many contributions to me from many perspectives. First of all, ICD provided me an adequate insight about the concept of "cultural diplomacy" and how it can perfectly applied. Secondly, being a part of the German-Turkish team and organizing the German-Turkish Week 2009 helped me a lot to develop a better understanding of German-Turkish community in Germany. It was also a golden opportunity for me to see how to make an organization as contributing and experiencing all the background arrangements, stages of preparations and as well as the brainstorming phases. Lastly, I got the chance to work independently and also as a part of a team which made me to dedicate myself a lot what I was doing. Moreover, there were many brilliant young people from all over the world who made the atmosphere at ICD really friendly and lively.

Brian Mitchell

I undertook an internship with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin from February 2010 - April 2010. During my time with the ICD I was part of the "Academy Sessions" and "United Kingdom meets Germany" team. I also worked on the International Economic Congress in February.

I greatly enjoyed my time with the ICD. My fellow interns created an excellent atmosphere of teamwork and creativity and played a huge role in the success of our events. I particularly enjoyed the team I worked on, and have nothing but the highest praise for our team leader, Peter Rees.
While I understand that marketing is an essential part of the role of an intern at the ICD, I feel there should be more of a balance struck between engaging in marketing and researching issues related to cultural diplomacy. This is why I welcomed the developments towards the end of my internship where individual research became an essential part of the organisation's work.

I would recommend the ICD as a good place to undertake an internship as its seminars provide access to leading figures in the field of international politics and tasks undertaken are varied, ranging from marketing and event organisation to research work.

Catherine D. Price

Moving across an ocean isn't easy, but being surrounded by many international cultures is true joy and adventure.  Thanks to my parents nurturing a life of international friendships, I have become an open-minded individual and a true believer of sustainable cross-cultural relationships.  So, as the time came to join the real world in a quest of job hunting, continuing my graduate studies in Political Science at the Freie Universität in Berlin was my ideal scenario.  Berlin is that city of excitement - a historical site that is now the perfect blend of 'old' and 'new,' creating the most cosmopolitan place to live and to call home.  

As I searched for a place to contribute my time and efforts in the work force, I began by googling what I love to be apart of - "cultures" and "diplomacy" - and the "Institute for Cultural Diplomacy" (ICD) is where I found my motivation.  My internship and work with Mark Donfried and Rimann Vilnius at ICD has not only cultivated a life-long desire for more knowledge in this field, but has also enriched my life so much more through friendships and life changing experiences.  Essentially, ICD's internship was the challenge I needed, crystallizing my career path by combining my international background with my formal Political Science education. This was exactly what I was looking for and it became so much more than I had hoped for - a peaceful international cause, a vision of "Cultural Diplomacy." 
While working with ICD, I enjoyed participating in diplomatic correspondence and helping to expand their global database network.  In coordinating events and programs, as well as, researching projects and editing their book publication, I found that there is not enough literature dedicated to this worthwhile endeavor.  As I continue to work passionately in this field of Cultural Diplomacy, I realize the vital importance of relating culture to the political agenda of any country's administration. Therefore, I have chosen to write in depth on this topic for my Ph.D. dissertation and hope to further pursue this as a career.  ICD's mission is an inspiration for every global citizen, and so, I am very grateful to have been able to take part in such a wonderful organization.  Eternally thankful and indebted to Mark Donfried and his dedication to this cause, I am excited to see how much the ICD community has grown. I commend him and his team for their extraordinary efforts in promoting cultural awareness and look forward to working with them in the years to come.

Cole  Dachenhaus

For me, ICD was so much more than an internship very similar to those friends of mine have completed. I was fortunate enough to meet a wide array of diverse people from every pocket of the world. The forum I helped set up on German-Turkish relations last summer even helped me to make connections within the American university system—one of the participants is a good friend of my adviser at my home college and invited me to participate in a conference at the Ohio State University a few weeks ago.

It was my time in Berlin with the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy that I recognized my need to return to Berlin. I do so this past semester when I studied and matriculated at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and rekindled friendships with past ICD interns. I know that when I graduate college, I intend to return to Berlin either for employment purposes or for graduate study. Even one calendar year away from when I began my internship at the ICD, I now know and can rest assured that in Berlin, I have a meaningful network of people from which I can keep in contact with for years to come.

Elena Peschl

It has been a great experience and a real pleasure to make an internship at the ICD. I learned
much about the essence of the intercultural event management, event marketing and high-profile speaker recruitment. Conferences themselves offer a great opportunity to get in touch with engaged people from various areas if expertise and very different corners of the world. Moreover, I really enjoyed the special flair of an international working team right in the heart of Berlin. Being rather friends than colleagues, I gained a wide network of contacts throughout the world.

Elenora Haag

I worked as an intern at ICD for several months in 2008. When I first arrived we were a small group of about 10, although by the end of the summer this number had almost doubled and more and more events were being planned. The most striking things about the group of interns I worked with were their diverse international character and ambitions, and their dedication and energy towards being a part of ICD's mission to increase the profile of cultural diplomacy. I'll also always remember the infectious enthusiasm of ICD's founder, Mark Donfried, and the team spirit that was reinforced not only through working together on planning events but through office get-togethers for birthdays, new arrivals and departures, as well as after-work trips to a biergarten.

My role was focussed mainly on marketing for the Young Leaders Forum and the Academy, as well as helping to organize a panel on Corporate Social Responsibility and background research for a new programme on Young Leaders in Africa, but I also got a chance to follow my own particular interests within international affairs and cultural diplomacy by researching and writing articles and interviews for the ICD website. We were all also encouraged to contribute interesting links and articles from the web every week on various aspects of cultural diplomacy, which was also a good way of keeping up to date with issues in the field.

The ICD has grown so much since 2008, when we only had two major bilateral programmes, Canada meets Germany, and Germany meets Turkey. But I feel privileged to have been a part of that early effort to increase ICD's global reach, and am still in touch with several of my ICD co-workers, who are now working in a variety of different careers all over the globe. In the spirit of ICD's creation of networks of young leaders, I hope that we ex-ICDers will continue to nurture our own network over the coming years!

Elisa Pacini

I've been working with ICD for 3 months. Although it's not a long time, I already have this feeling that I am definitely enjoying this greatest and exciting opportunity. It's been a very rewarding experience. I've always believed the place where we work should be thrilling, as it's where we spend most of our time. It's supposed to be a place where people can not only do their job, but also do it with the feeling that they are "at home". And ICD offers that.

People here are so friendly that it makes the "teamwork spirit" very clear and stimulating. This is, in turn, reflected in a very positive and happy day-to-day mindset. Everybody helps each other in order to achieve our goals, everybody is welcome to think up and contribute new ideas and nobody minds helping other people out when necessary. This is a company that gives everyone the chance to develop themselves as a person and as a professional.

Erik Larsen

My internship with the ICD was an excellent opportunity for me because it allowed me to work as a Project Coordinator for the Forum "Europe Meets East Asia"; this allowed me to gain valuable work experience in the area of international relations and management and because of this I acquired much needed skills if ever I wanted to pursue a career in international cooperation. Moreover, I believe that my internship with the ICD greatly enhanced my CV because I got to work with the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission in Asia and the Pacific after my internship. On this occasion, I would like to again thank the ICD team for the life-changing opportunity.  

Eva Nagyfejeo

Working at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, one of Europe's largest independent cultural organisations, significantly enhanced my study abroad experience. Lots of students can say that they studied abroad during their university years however, only few students can say that they had the opportunity to work in Berlin, one of the greatest cosmopolitan cities of central Europe, at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

My internship at ICD helped me to have a more comprehensive understanding of the global world around us, where people are able to travel and exchange information faster than ever before. Being an intern in an international environment such as the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, where young people coming from different cultural backgrounds are willing to organise themselves ambitious, international events and liaising with high-profile speakers (ambassadors, ministers) sounds like the best internship for me!

I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to do an internship at ICD, as one of the main goals of the organisation is to promote mutual understanding between different cultures in order to strengthen the intercultural relations at all levels. I think we have to see culture not as an obstacle to peace, but as a powerful force to be used in peace building around the world and that is what ICD is doing very well, the raising of the awareness of the use of soft power, the cultural diplomacy.

I believe that people's perceptions should not be determined just by politics but by their own experiences, though cultural programmes such as the conferences organised at ICD and during the internship my goal was to build up this cultural coherence between people.

All in all, I think my internship at ICD satisfied both my personal and academic passions and it was a very good experience for me. It was my first working experience abroad and I can say that it was a really good and strong starting point for me future career.

Evelyn Mohr

During my time at the ICD I have experienced quite a lot.
First of all, I was part of a big and great international team - interns from all over the world met there, worked together and became friends.

Secondly, I was able to choose by myself a small team that worked on a "topic" by our choice. This was great, as it gave us the opportunity to build a weekly seminar from the scratch - data basing, contacting universities and students, promoting our seminar, being in contact with the applicants and also trying to find interesting speakers for podium discussions.

At the same time the ICD was part of many events in the evenings, where I have got to know many more significant people from politics, sport, music … just from all areas.

It was for sure a time that was busy, but what I have loved about this internship was the fact that I actually had serious tasks, that I was respected as a normal employee and not as a small intern who is not able of doing anything. This felt great and I have never found again such an internship where I was able to fulfill interesting and meaningful tasks that widen my horizon.

For all the prospect interns: do it! Apply!

Francesca Scuttari

I am really grateful for the opportunity that I have had to make an internship at the ICD.
It was a valuable experience that allows me to understand much more about cultural diplomacy and international relationships.

I had the possibility to participate in important international conferences lead by prominent experts from cultural and academic institutions and from the fields of international politics and diplomacy.
During these events, other than learning about several topics related to the field of cultural diplomacy, I had the occasion to understand how cultural events are run and organised.

I participated in the practical organisation of the conferences, undertaking several tasks such as looking for potential speakers, taking part in editing timetables of the events and writing information brochures for the participants. I also dealt with marketing activities like raising awareness of the programs through social networks and personal contacts.

Furthermore, the ICD has offered me the chance to network with the speakers participating in the conference and further figures related to my field of studies.

Moreover, I found the working environment extremely motivating and pleasant. Working among young people from all over Europe and with different experiences represented a good help to my future decisions. Besides, it represented a socially enriching personal experience.

In conclusion, I judged my experience as an intern at the ICD more than positive and I hope the ICD will continue to broaden its success and influence in the field of cultural diplomacy.

Gabriel Amparo

What fascinates me the most about the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy is the fact, it is dealing with one of the most actual and fascinating subjects of our globalized planet. The internship was a possibility of hearing some prominent world scale specialists, giving me strong inputs about the subject, or even getting directly in contact with them.

This organization is mainly composed by a large reach number of young people with different cultural backgrounds, translating into a very healthy social working environment, full of fellowship and ultimately giving a great possibility of improving your interpersonal skills.

As an intern I worked mainly inside of the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy - May2010. Here my tasks mainly ranged from internet based research, looking for interesting materials for the event or constructing an extensive database, to public relations and promotion of the event. I also got involved with the planning of the event or with the creation of some contents.

Nevertheless the ICD it is inside of one of the most vibrant European cities, where your life is very easy and extremely exciting.

Giacomo Brogi

I am writing this letter to give you some impressions and ideas about my placement at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy.

The reason why I am writing is twofold. Firstly, I was delighted to be involved in the organisation of lectures, seminars and workshops lead by experts from the fields of politics, academia, civil society, as well as cultural and social affairs. This provides me not only with an excellent opportunity for networking with like minded people, but also the chance to attend those events and interacting with the experts who share their expertise during the programme.

On the other hand there are also less positive aspects of the internship which might be improved. For example, I felt that my group worked with a top-down decision making process. Most of the interns are graduated from top universities all around Europe and as a personal opinion I think that the organisation should exploit in a better way their academic/managerial skills. Another example is that long term objectives are not well explained. Tasks change every day and without the programme director giving instructions there is a sense of disorientation among the interns.

I hope you appreciate constructive criticism in order to improve past performance and also because I have been part of it, I wish that the icd would flourish in the future.

All in all, I got a really positive impression and I would suggest any student to do an internship at the icd. Furthermore, I was impressed how all the staff and the interns are full of good ideas and energy. I was pleased to be part of the icd and I hope my help has contributed to improve in a constructive way the organisation.

Thank you

Hakki Uygur

After completing my undergraduate studies in International Trade, I pursued a BA in Applied Foreign Languages. I was looking for a career in the field of International Trade.

I was completely stranger to the fields of diplomacy and intercultural relations. This internship was the opportunity to discover the world of cultural diplomacy through numbers of events organized by the ICD. During these twelve weeks, I took part to the organization and support of the Germany Meets Turkey program, the International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy and the Art as Cultural Diplomacy program.

This internship undoubtedly enriched my curriculum vitae. It was the opportunity to meet important figures from political and diplomatic world, business executives or civil society leaders. To conclude, I can say that it was an enlightening experience to work for such an influential institution and with wonderful people coming from all around the world.

Hannah Moysey

I really enjoyed my time working at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. I spent my time working on the news teams where I was given the opportunity to meet and interview leading politicians and academics. I think that the conferences and events were the highlight for me as they gave me a chance not only to learn new ideas and theories, but also to interact and meet new people.

I was given the responsibility of researching the speakers, writing questions, interviewing them and then writing articles on them. I did a journalism course and I feel that this tested my skills and gave me experience interviewing high profile people. As well as these responsibilities I helped with the marketing for the International Symposium.

In addition to the experience I gained at the ICD I also met a lot of interesting people and good friends. The office has a friendly atmosphere and everyone is happy to help. The organisation has a fantastic location, set in the historically relevant and vibrant city of Berlin. The location was a major reason why I applied to this internship and it lived up to all my expectations.

Ioana- Maria Turcea

During the six months that I spent in ICD, I gained invaluable working experience in the field of cultural diplomacy and diplomacy in general. The interactions during the conferences with high profile people, experts in the field of cultural diplomacy and the field they represented were particularly enriching in terms knowledge but mainly in terms of gaining significant working skills in the field of diplomacy, such as: flexibility, adaptability, communication skills in such situations, as well as paying attention to details and listening carefully to the instructions I received.

Of particular importance were also the social relations that I established during the internship with my work colleagues. Working in a multicultural, multiethnic, multilingual and young environment definitely represented a challenge for me at the beginning. However, the previous study experience in a multicultural environment helped me and I could thus adapt quickly. I learned how important cultural aspects, tolerance and mutual understanding are in the analysis of certain issues we had to perform and the overall organization of the projects we were involved in. Exchanging ideas with students about our field of study also enriched me in terms of different perspectives on various issues.

In conclusion, I would like to add that I had a very positive experience in the ICD and I would like in the future to collaborate with the Institute if possible.

Iris Tahamtan

During my internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) I was working as a project coordinator in the project Cultural Bridges in Germany - A Young Leaders Forum. We organised a week long seminar to serve as a forum for the development of cultural understanding, interaction and leadership among young professionals in Germany. Moreover, we contributed to the creation of the framework for the various panel discussions and presentations and originating up to date discussion topics in that field. My internship opened me a variety of possibilities, such as meeting important personalities from the field of international relations. We hosted ambassadors, high representatives of companies and professors from excellent universities. I used the contacts I made at the ICD to interview musicians from the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra and the conductor from the German-Scandinavian Youth Philharmonics for my case study on "Music as Cultural Diplomacy".

Ishveen Singh

The ICD was a great stepping stone to finding clarity for my future endeavours. I really enjoyed my time there and the exposure to world leaders and thinkers is phenomenal. I would definitely recommend that anyone wanting a time out from university life or a new perspective on their career goals, take up the ICD internship to broaden their scope and understanding of not just themselves, but also of the important topics and concerns floating around the world in their time. To top it all off, Berlin is one of the world's most vibrant cities and working there could not be more enjoyable.

Iulia Manda

Living and pursuing an internship in the field of cultural diplomacy in Berlin can be a unique, intense, rewarding experience.  An internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy consists in working in a cosmopolitan, varied environment and meeting the most interesting people- from the other interns to the speakers of the events hosted by the ICD.

The activities in which the interns are being involved are diverse and depend on each person's interests and skills and can vary from:  research and marketing activities to planning and developing programs and cultural diplomatic events that will be an exciting blend of young professionals and very high profiled speakers.

Completing the internship at the ICD equals with having developed a strong network of friends and high profiled professionals and having gained project coordination experience.  The best part of this stage is when the event that you have been working on for many weeks before, is actually happening and you receive the gratifying feeling that you are part of something big and important. Finally, the fact that ICD has its office in the heart of Berlin, one of the most effervescent European capitals, is just the cherry on the top of the cake.

Ivan Radulović

The time at ICD has given me an invaluable working experience as I had the privilege to work with talented people from all over the world and also interact with important diplomatic and political figures from several countries.

I have extensively worked on event organising, on different programmes and am confident that when the time comes, I will be more than capable of managing a team and organising an event on a similar scale. An important aspect was also the non-profit aspect of ICD. That has taught us all how to cope with lack of funds and put our imagination and ingeniousness to practice. I made several high profile contacts while working on the different programs, feeling more confortable and confident in dealing with important persons such as ambassadors.

As any job, ICD has its pros and cons, but my overall experience has been very gratifying and has taught me so many things that simply cannot be learned by reading books and attending lectures, such as people skills, dealing with stressful situations, coming up with practical solutions to inexpected, last minute changes.

Last but not least, as it is uncommon in Slovenia to do internships, the opportunity to work at ICD offered me an unique opportunity to further develop my skills and CV thus giving me an advantage in my future search for employment.

Jenni Leppänen

I interned at the ICD for two months in the "Cultural Diplomacy in Europe", "Europe meet Latin America" and "Berlin International Human Rights Congress" teams.  I loved working in an organisation with so many talented, young and socially-skilled interns and team leaders. For me working in the intercultural environment was absolutely one of the best things about the internship. I also enjoyed very much the topical environment that was surrounding at the ICD: international relations and politics, cultural diplomacy, human rights and so forth. I felt that people were genuinely interested about what was going on in the world. The interns got to participate in the conferences and listen to the speakers, which I found very rewarding. The weekly team meeting was a very good way to keep everybody up-to-date on what was happening at each moment. The highlight of my internship was when I got to prepare a workshop for the "Cultural Diplomacy in Europe" and be the mediator in the group discussions.

Joanna Chmielecki

Being an intern at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy means to get the incredible chance to work on projects in an unique international environment.

You share your thoughts on how to organize a conference and at the same time you are inspired by your colleagues' ideas. The work with like-minded people creates a powerful teamspirit and motivates you, not to meet the expectations, but to exceed them.

Jonah Peter Adaun

My main aims for coming to Berlin were to learn as much German as I possibly could, build on my current work experience and expand on my network of people. The internship at ICD has allowed me to socialise and work with talented and ambitious young people from diverse backgrounds. I have been able to meet liked-minded people and network with people working in embassies like the Ghana Embassy in Berlin, which gave me useful insight into the daily working life of a career diplomat. Also ICD has enabled me to discover that a primarily office based occupation is not where I would like to work in a future career. The international atmosphere at ICD makes it a very inspiring place to be. I would recommend the ICD internship to students interested principally in pursuing international careers.    

Katalin Horváth

Regarding my experience at ICD: I really enjoyed working in teams, I got to know many very nice people who I would like to keep in touch with. Furthermore; having a chance to see a project from the very beginning (databasing) till it is executed (accompanying participants to events) is something I`ve learnt a lot from. It was nice to sit in and listen to the lectures, and I also enjoyed the direct contact with the participants.

Katarzyna Sobierska

To whom it may concern,
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy  is an institution that support dialog and mutual understanding between different nations and cultures. It is a place where an exchange of opinions and ideas occurs on a daily basis in a very friendly atmosphere.

I worked in ICD as an intern for 4 months and I have very fond memories of that time. I had a chance to get valuable experience in preparing and managing conferences on international level which were also a great opportunity to network with young people, scholars and politicians from all over the world. Moreover, I got to know many wonderful people who were willing to dedicate their time and work to support ICD's goals and actions.

I wish the ICD's team all the best in their efforts to make the world a better place.

Katie Freeman

The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy: Internship Reflection
On Monday, May 11th 2009, I Katie Freeman began as an Intern at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy and stayed at the ICD for three months. During my time at the ICD, I received the opportunity to be a USA meets Europe Program Coordinator, an Academy Program Coordinator and on the International Symposium for Cultural Diplomacy team. This essay is my reflection on my time at the ICD focusing on my professional, scholarly, civic and personal goals I set out for myself at the beginning of my time at the ICD.


To begin, the ICD has provided me with the most import professional tool: contacts. Within the office itself I found that many more sources for research were made available to me. I once had a discussion with one of my colleagues on EU economic relations and the next day he sent me numerous articles on the topic as well as the e-mail address of William Noë of the European Commission representative in Berlin who happened to be a speaker at previous Young Leaders Forum. Then there were the Forums and Symposiums in which important speakers were asked to give key note speeches. It was in this way that I was able to go to the Belgium Embassy, Norwegian Embassy, Croatian Embassy and Greek Embassy in Berlin as a representative for the ICD and meet the Ambassadors of these countries to Germany. I also met several professors from the JFK Institute and Free University in Berlin, and had a personal conversation with Gunter Schaeffer one of the co-founders and artists of the East Side Gallery. To be brief, I was able to meet and exchange contact information with people whom I never thought I would get the chance to meet.

On a different note, my time in Berlin did not enhance my German skills as much as I had expected. While it was exciting to work in an international office, German was rarely spoken in the office environment and therefore gained little knowledge or practice in using my German skills in an office setting.


Before I arrived at the ICD I was unsure of what my focus of study was to be in the following years. However, after a visit to the Croatian Embassy and hearing about the Croatia's strive to ascend into the European Union, I became very interested in this aspect of the EU and the countries that are applying to enter it. During my down time I was allowed to do personal research and now have a focus in my studies and my starting off point for my Master's studies. The ICD opened me to new ideas and doors of study as well as resources within it to collect research which have and will serve me to be invaluable.


One great thank you I owe to the ICD is for my opportunity to improve my leadership skills. After a month at the ICD was assigned as one of the United State meet Europe Program Coordinators. After the end of this program I was placed directly on the Academy for Cultural Diplomacy team and then the week after the program ended was assigned to the Symposium. Due my constant change in program and teams I learned quickly how to work dynamically under pressure. In the end, I became one of the interns with the most experience and I not only got to lead projects, but also a seminar and of course, serve as personal tour guide of Berlin for the participants during tours and nights out.


Due to the responsibility I was given, the people I met and programs I was able to participate in, my personal growth was the greatest out of all my other gains. I learned to go up to people and not be afraid to begin conversations either in German or English. The ICD had many evening events such as "Germany meets Turkey Week" where the night would begin with a podium discussion and end with a concert and drinks. While I was assigned tasks on these nights I was still able to socialize with the guests and special speakers. I often used my position as intern at the ICD to start conversations and I never hesitated to speak with a professor, ambassador or academic professional after they had given their speech to ask questions.
In the end, I received the practical skills one needs to be a diplomat or to talk to a diplomat. I also realized how much I had learned within the classroom as I had many discussions of a dynamic nature about politics and cultural diplomacy and learned more about myself than I ever thought possible.

Katrina Indeikina

My experiences in Institute for Cultural Diplomacy during this internship are invaluable. During the time that I have been working in the institute, I learned the importance of making people your priority in any business. As an intern, I was given several different responsibilities, some of them having nothing to do with each other. One of the things I learned immediately about ICD was that each day would differ significantly from the previous one. Being flexible and open to change was key in fitting well into this organization. My main tasks were assisting in organising and managing academic events, forums and seminars. I also handled different administrative tasks, such as answering the phone, making copies, printing brochures, delivering mail, and other office responsibilities.

Also during my time in ICD was attending conferences and lectures regarding Cultural Diplomacy, soft power or religious freedom issues. Some of these lectures were arranged by ICD staff, so we as interns would be able to get a better idea of how ICD interacts with politicians and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) from all over the world.

Six months between working, traveling all over Germany, making friends from all over the world, eating great food, and learning German went by really fast. I remember spending weekends in the most amazing parks I have ever seen, surrounded by friends I made from all Europe, and visiting incredible historical monuments and temples in Berlin and other extraordinary cities. Working abroad was by far the best decision I have ever made in my life.

Kitta Hirvensalo

When I arrived at the ICD, I was on my very first days welcomed by the most amazing, interesting, and talented people: there were other interns from all around the world and somehow the atmosphere in the office was immediately friendly and filled with curiosity. And during the summer I spent in Berlin, I indeed became friends with many of these people, whom with I had the chance to share some of the best moments of my summer.

The internship itself was an extremely educational experience. I got the chance to test my limits over and over again, and to gain new skills in management, team work, as well as intercultural sensitivity. For me the internship was definitely a challenge - but it was a good challenge that consisted of so much more than just making coffee. I could say it was an excellent opportunity both for personal growth and for acquiring professional expertise, for which I would like to thank all my wonderful colleagues and friends at the ICD.

Kristine Marisse Mangunay

My internship in the ICD can be considered as one of the most unforgettable experiences i have encountered so far. This opportunity allowed me to meet wonderful  and different individuals across the globe, and also allowed me to take part in insightful, educational and " groundbreaking" events.
The organization did not only develop my knowledge about politics, current events and culture. It also improved my intrapersonal skills through the tasks and activities that were expected from us interns.

Our supervisors should also be commended. They were all very supportive and approachable, making therefore the ICD a warm and friendly environment to everyone.

Larissa Moutrier

My internship experience at the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy was challenging and instructional at once. Despite the internship's main focus on marketing and public relations, which did not correlate so much with my academic background, the fact of having been part of a multicultural and international team, in charge of organising the ICD's signature conference (International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy), was most rewarding. Not only did I enjoy interacting in different languages with my colleagues on a daily basis, but I was also invited to further develop teamworking as well as leadership skills and responsibilities. In that sense, gaining insight into this growing not-for-profit organization represented an invaluable experience in terms of personal and professional growth.

Lavinia Druta

When I started looking into intern opportunities I was very happy when I heard about the existence of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. On the first sight, it fitted perfectely to my studies and to my background. I knew it would be an amazing experience, and I was not disappointed in the least. I started as a program coordinator and I had the chance to work in 4 different programmes: USA meets Europe, The International Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy, Art as Cultural Diplomacy and in the end I was designed to coordinate the Germany meets Romania programme.

I can decribe my internship in one word: fabulous. At the ICD I had the opportunity to work in a multinational environment, to meet a lot of nice people from all around the word, with different backgrounds and different cultures. Thas allowed us to discover new cultures and to know how to manage different things in different ways.

Not only the internship was exciting, but having the oppoortunity to live in Berlin, one of Europe's best and beautiful capitals  provided a stunning environment to practice my intercultural skils. The city provides sharp cultural diversities and an eclectic array of activities to suit anyone's tastes.
Working for an NGO is not always easy, but the friendliness and kindness of the people working here made us the work environment easier. I am very happy that during my internship at the ICD, I had the opportunity to meet  high leveled personalities, such as former presidents, ambasadors, musicians that were speackers for our events.

This internship was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had and I want to thank The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy for making it possible.

Maria Toubbe

Internship Dates: April 2011 - February 2012

I undertook an internship at the ICD in April 2011.

I was soon promoted Program Director for the World without Wall Conference and then Head of Program of the ICD activity on Africa. 

This experience was amazing from a personal and professional standpoint. From handling the whole conference process to team management, I learnt to know myself better and developed many skills.

The ICD provided me with real opportunities and I am thankful for this trust.

Nikolay Vasev

From the 25th of February till the 30th of June 2009 I was an intern at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin.

In the course of my internship I was elevated to the position of program manager and marketing director. These positions and the responcibility that came with them developed in me valuable qualities, which I couldn't have received anywhere else. The dynamic work environment and challenging assignments demonstrated to me the difficulties in the work of a normal NGO. However, they also showed me the rewarding results and rich experiences that one gathers when working in the field of cutlural diplomacy.

The internship in the ICD was a thrully lifechanging experience that has helped form my future orientation in terms of professional development.
best regards,

Olivia Parish

My three month internship on the CD News team has been thoroughly enjoyable; I have made some wonderful friends, and had an experience in the working world, which I could not have gained elsewhere.

I have had the opportunity to attend conferences by high-profile political figures, and also to interview them. Additionally I have been able to use my own knowledge and skills to offer my own input to help improve procedures in the office; and I have also learnt a lot from my co-workers. Perhaps most significantly, my internship at the ICD has allowed me the opportunity to have one of my own academic essays published.

I am returning to the UK for my final year at university, and I will be writing my dissertation on China's influence on African development. I will be continuing my relationship with the ICD, utilising the Institute's contacts in Africa to give my dissertation an edge, which will help me to distinguish my work from others in my class.

Furthermore, to live and work in a city for three months and speak a foreign language is something that I never dreamed I would do. It has been such a learning experience, and I feel that I have learned so much about myself as a person. The world is my oyster and I am SO excited for the future.

Orestis Nikou

Having a strong personal belief in civil society initiatives, an internship at an NGO has always been among my top-priority goals as a student. The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin proved to be just the right place to fulfil my aspirations. Right after my Master studies and before setting for a professional career, the ICD offered me the opportunity to work on project running and event planning, as part of a vivid and international team. Work has always been combined with extracurricular activities, whereas the conferences themselves offered a unique chance to meet scholars and practitioners from different fields of expertise.
What is more, the experience gained from the internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy has been valued by employers, who appreciated the features of the work and its voluntary character.

Peter Hanley

I first heard about the ICD from the careers office at my university in Cork. It is a very vibrant environment to work in with many languages spoken but the primary one is English , surprisingly. It is situated on the main boulevard in West Berlin  the Kurfurstendamm.  The best thing about the ICD for me was the social side of it , meeting and netrworking with people from all over the world. It's a fun  job, but it's still a job! There are many positive aspects of working for an NGO. It will broaden your knowledge of different cultures. Surrounded by such a variety of nationalities , one feels a glorious stirring of the senses , a rejection of poisonous inhibition and a fecund motion of the soul. My impression of Berlin society was that it was more friendly and less materialistic than other parts of Europe. There is a value in this. The cost of living in Berlin is very cheap therefore citizens are more equal. Students and interns can live a very outgoing and inexpensive existence. The ICD's wide variety of events allow for a frequent interaction of interns with speakers. There are opportunities to meet politicians, diplomats and  academics on a continuous basis. An intern will gain knowledge in marketing and organizing academic events. When I think of the ICD I think of sunny evenings by the Spree with friends, nights out on the U-Bahn and the electric buzz of academic events at the ICD House.

Richard Bartel

First and foremost, my time at the ICD has taught me a great deal about the rise and increasing prominence in the use of cultural diplomacy as a tool used by national governments in order to support their foreign policy goals next to more traditional instruments of diplomacy.

The work at the ICD and even more so the participation in the different conferences organized by the ICD, did not only provide a strong theoretical foundation in the concept of cultural diplomacy, but also convinced me of the necessity in expanding it further.  Besides national governments, a multitude of other actors - amongst them the ICD - have successfully established themselves as fervent promoters of intercultural exchange, a stronger sense of community and a more peaceful cohabitation of peoples. Fulfilling its task as a bridge-builder and awareness raising organization, the ICD has contributed to my conviction to become actively involved in the process of disseminating art, cultural values and language around the globe and thereby improve mutual understanding.

Having spent 3 months at the ICD, experienced its international environment, and having gotten to know people of diverse cultural as well academic backgrounds I feel privileged to have been able to make such a valuable experience which is hopefully going to influence my future profession in a positive way.

Ruth Chau

My internship at the ICD exposed me to a diverse range of projects and programs related to the field of cultural diplomacy. I was fortunate enough to be involved in the CDA Young Leaders' Forums as well as the EMLA Young Leaders' Forum. It was great to be able to work with different teams in this time and get to know my fellow team members who all came from such diverse backgrounds. I was also able to undertake many responsibilities as Program Coordinator such as writing and researching articles and texts related to the programs I was helping to organise as well as engaging in the different methods of marketing and promoting our events.

Another highlight was being able to attend the seminars and lectures being presented by high-profile guest speakers and to see a little bit of what other teams were doing. Having the opportunity to be able to network with experts, politicians, ambassadors and academics from the field of international relations was also an invaluable experience. It was also fantastic to meet so many passionate forum participants from all over the world who demonstrated that they too were enthusiastic to share their concerns, thoughts and opinions on different aspects of cultural diplomacy.
Through my experience at the ICD, I was able to gain a good understanding of how a non-government organisation is run. The Programs that I was involved in organising also provided me with great background information and inspiration upon which to write my Masters policy report. Overall, my experience at the ICD has been a memorable and invaluable one as I have had the opportunity to work with so many great and supportive staff.

Sébastien Lesieur

"I am French, eighteen years old, and I am studying business (second year) at McGill University in Montréal. I chose to do my internship at the ICD from May to August 2010, since I want to work in an international organization in the future.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to meet charismatic political leaders from many countries, such as the former Prime Minister of Ireland (H.E. Bertie Ahern), the former Prime Minister of Norway (H.E. Kjell Magne Bondevik), the current Culture Minister of Cameroon (H.E. Ama Tutu Muna), among many others. Their speeches on current and future issues of the world have been very inspiring and thought-provoking, and allowed me to much better apprehend the complex geopolitics of today.
Another dimension of my internship was the relationship with the seventy other well-educated interns, all coming from various countries and backgrounds. Facing so many different cultures was a personally enriching experience.

Finally, the ICD is located in a fabulous area of Berlin, which itself is a fantastic city with a tremendous historical, architectural and cultural background."
All the best for the future,

Silvia Font

When I first heard about the ICD -the coordinator of Erasmus Students of my Spanish University sent me the information - I thought it was the perfect place for learning as an insider how both the international development and diplomacy realms work.  The chance of getting in contact with IR experts and well-known figures of the national and international diplomacy scene, while working in a non-profit institution based on the believe that it is possible (to try) to change the current governmental order through non-hard power instruments, were for me the most attractive incentives to consider my application.

During my internship I was so fortunate to live one of the biggest events that the ICD had held till that time, the International Symposium 2010. I could experience it from both sides: as a member of the CD-News Team and as (in some way) one participant more, attending the lectures, being a member of the debates raised during the panel discussions and fraternizing with the rest of the 'future' young leaders that came from all over the world to participate in the Symposium.
As a journalist, what I enjoyed the most without doubts, was the press covering of the event. There were times of joy, stress, of feeling a bit overwhelmed… But the moment you are in front of your interviewee -a former Foreign Affairs Minister , a  Chief Administrator of a European Commission or a UNESCO's Section Chief, for example- you forget all the little obstacles you could find on the way and realize that you are living a unique professional and personal opportunity.

I was lucky as well to work in a group with a high sense of team-working and leaded by a very competent team leader, which always helps in the hard times. Working surrounded by young people -students in its majority- creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, although I missed in some way the presence of more experienced professionals or the daily contact with experts from whom you can learn in an everyday working frame.

The best of being an ICD intern is definitely the feeling of belonging to an international group of young leaders, highly qualified, who share a common personal and professional goal -that I still rejecting to consider naïve-, which is to lead a potential change on  the international governance system.

Sinem Özdemir

To whom it may concern,
During my two-month internship at the ICD from 17.05.2010 to 17.07.2010 I had the opportunity to work with young and friendly people in a warm and live atmosphere. I also had the chance to meet key players such as worthy academicians and politicians during the seminars which took place at the institute.

My program coordinator, Sophie Roehrig has been very much understanding, helpful, and motivating towards me and my colleagues. She answered all of our questions patiently and her unconventional way of thinking motivated us. Furthermore, she successfully gave us the team spirit for the events that we organized. 

William Hernád, the managing director, has been also very helpful and courteous during my internship at the institute.

I consider ICD as a consistent institution for a valuable experience.
Yours faithfully

Sirpa Hynninen

This was the first time when I worked in such a big NGO. The experience has been filled with variety. I worked in three teams and got new great friends from all over the world. The spirit in the ICD is great and there are good possibilities for networking. I think Mark Donfried is an inspiring leader and William Hernad really cares about interns.  It would be better if the other leaders than Mark Donfried and William Hernad would be presented to the interns. Downside of organizing such international events is the amount of databasing. One of the best things are the lectures, which can sometimes be very interesting. Also the possibility to get intern's own research (case study) published is a really good thing for the future.
Thank you for everything!

Sofia Teixeira Perdigão

"I did a four month internship at Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD). It was a great place to do it… On my first day at ICD, I was a little bit nervous but I felt immediately comfortable because its staff was always so helpful, approachable and friendly. I had the opportunity to attend really interesting lectures, panel discussions and conferences, networking with participants and speakers that really helped me, academically and professionally, working towards raising awareness in three different events (Cultural Diplomacy in Africa, Cultural Diplomacy in Europe and Berlin International Human Rights Congress) with very diverse topics that I really enjoyed and, also, research and writing two case studies on topics that I wanted to learn more. It has many interns which is great, because we have the chance to meet a lot of people our age and similar likes; I made a lot of friends here and it was one of the best times of my life. And of course, Berlin… A young, fresh, vibrant, cultural and night-owl city. For sure, the perfect city to do an internship. And Germans are not stiff after all!"

Viviana Klein

I hope you are doing well and have already safely arrived in Tunisia. Unfortunately, I was not able to say goodbye to you on the weekend. When my parents arrived on Sunday night to pick me up, you were just busy with our conference guests.

Anyway, I would like to thank you very much for having me at your Institute and always being so cooperative and open-minded. I have much appreciated your warm goodbye and I will long remember my great three months in Berlin. I must admit I was quite sceptical during my first weeks at the Institute when many things seemed relatively chaotic; I had the feeling the Institute had troubles to handle so many new interns. However, the situation improved remarkably in the course of time. I did not only get greater responsibilities which allowed me to bring in my ideas more effectively and also gain many new insights into PR work and marketing but I also felt that you, as director of the Institute, showed great efforts to put our work on a more sustainable and professional basis. I believe that you have initiated a great process with your efforts which will remarkably improve the coordination and cooperation within the entire ICD team. Besides the work experience as such, it was a fantastic experience to get to know many highly interesting personalities which will surely be helpful for my professional path in the future.

Again, I would like to thank you for everything. As I will probably contact you in the future for some reference letter or specific contact, I am of course also very willing to help you out when you need, for instance, some contact in the EP in Brussels.

I wish you all the best, professionally and privately, and hope to stay in contact with you.

Wiebke Balcke

I completed an internship at the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (ICD) in Berlin, Germany. We we re planning and preparing an event. The goal was to bring together professionals of all ages from around the world to learn about and discuss cultural diplomacy. Tasks I worked on included searching for possible speakers, contributing ideas about specific topics that could be discussed at the conference, as well as writing and translating invitations and flyers for participants and possible event sponsors. Another big part of my job was marketing. I was able to experience life as a professional in the city.

In addition to our own work, the other interns and I attended lectures and panels from programs. I really enjoyed the variety of issues and the professionalism of the speeches. One of my favorite experiences was listening to the former Interior Minister of Afghanistan, the Head of the Operations Section and the Operations Division of NATO, and the former President of Latvia talk about culture, globalization, and international relations.

I also was able visit to the EU Commission and the German Foreign Ministry. Having the chance to meet a representative from the German Culture and Communication Department was especially significant for me, as I hope to get an internship there next summer. I am currently pursuing a career in the German Foreign Ministry, and I hope to learn more about their work by doing an internship there.

I worked with a very interesting and exciting team of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, composed of interns from eight countries. Everyone spoke at least two if not three or four languages. I learned a lot about the careers other students my age are pursuing, and I became interested in a few Masters Programs I plan on looking into. It was a great experience to work with an international team, and I am positive that I will benefit from it throughout my career.