Leadership Initiatives

A paramount aim of the ICD is to promote the importance of cultural diplomacy throughout society, creating a network of individuals and groups actively involved in this field. Leadership Initiatives are a cornerstone of this philosophy. By facilitating and supporting Leadership Initiatives, the ICD enables the principles of cultural diplomacy to spread beyond the parameters of the conference room to civil society individuals and groups around the world.

As a participant of one of our events, you will have the opportunity to construct and develop Leadership Initiatives in the field of cultural exchange, with the support of the ICD.  This element of the conference gives you the opportunity to shape ideas and initiate a project, which could have positive effects in your particular area and region of interest. A Leadership Initiative is typically a project, which encourages and assists any form of cultural exchange.

ICD has found the most efficient way to reach civil society around the world is by engaging the multipliers and entrepreneurs of each civil society group with their own initiatives based locally, where the participant is currently based. After the ICD event, the ICD participants then reach out to their respective civil society networks through their own "leadership initiative" projects with the support of the ICD and the ICD partners and network.

  • At the beginning of the event, participants will be given guidance on how to plan, develop, and execute leadership initiatives that have a constructive, sustainable influence on intercultural relations.
  • During the week, participants will have the opportunity to develop and discuss leadership initiatives with each other and with the ICD team.
  • At end of the week participants will have the opportunity to present them to the other members of the group and the ICD for feedback.
  • The ICD will also outline how it can help to support the realization of these initiatives through its network, partners and resources.