Berlin International Economics Congress - February 2010

An Interdisciplinary Analysis of the Roles of Global Politics & Civil Society in International Economics (February 4th - 7th 2010, Berlin)

Day 1 - 02/04/2011

  • "Meeting Global Challenges: Trends and Observations"
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Inge Kaul (Former Director of the UNDP Office of Development Studies)
  • "Twenty Years after German Reunification: New Global Challenges"
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rupert Scholz (Former Minister of Defense of Germany)
  • “Sustainable Energy and Climate Change: Why We Need a Global Governance”
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Claudia Kemfert (Head of Energy, Transportation, and Environment at the DIW)
  • “The Ecological New Deal”
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Ludger Volmer (Former State Minister in the German Foreign Ministry)
  • "Challenges for Education and Training in the Global Economy"
    A Lecture by Niamh Breathnach (Former Irish Minister for Education)
  • "Moving Germany’s Economy Out of Crisis"
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Helmut Haussman (Former German Minister of Economics)
  • “The Impact of Economic Bridges and Economic Development in Fostering Peace and Stability”
    A Lecture by Dr. Erhard Busek (Former Vice Chancellor of Austria)
  • “EU Decision Making After the Lisbon Treaty: Better for Europe’s Economies?”
    A Lecture by Erna Hennicot Schoepges (Former Luxembourgian Minister of Culture and Religious Affairs)
  • “Prospects, Problems, and Challenges of German Unification”
    A Lecture by Rainer Eppelmann (Former Minister for Demobilization and Defense)
  • “The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Strengthening Multilateral Cooperation”
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Mark Donfried, Dr. Erhard Busek, Dr. Susan George, Davorin Kračun, Prof. Dr. Lufter Xhuveli, Inga Kaul, Erna Hennicot Schoepges, Niamh Breathnach

Day 2 - 02/05/2011

  • “Economic Recovery and Diplomacy”
    A Lecture by Davorin Kračun (Former Minister for Economic Relations and Development of Slovenia)
  • “Global Governance Priorities in an Interdependent World”
    A Lecture by Dr. Susan George (President of the Board of TNI and Honorary President of ATTAC-France)
  • "German, European, and Global Governance Models: Possible Global Responses to the Financial Crisis"
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Henrik Enderlein (Professor of Political Economy at Hertie School of Governance)
  • “Economic Issues Related to the Enlargement of the EU”
    A Lecture by Mark Laar (Former Prime Minister of Estonia)
  • “The Economic Crisis from the Perspective of Estonia and the Baltic Sea Region”
    A Lecture by Kriistina Ojuland (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia)
  • “State Aid – No Bridge over Troubled Water”
    A Lecture by Bendt Bendtsen (Former Minister of Economics and Business Affairs of Denmark)
  • “The Green New Deal: For a New Concept of Development”
    A Lecture by Renate Künast (Co-Leader of the German Green Party)
  • “The Ethics of Aid and Trade & the Efficiency of North-South and South-South Cooperation”
    A Lecture by François-Xavier de Donnea (Former Defense Minister of Belgium)
  • “Sustainability and Leadership”
    A Lecture by Dr. Volker Hauff (Former German Minister of Transportation)
  • "Creating Sustainable Economic and Environmental Strategies: A Danish Perspective"
    A Lecture by Niels Helveg Petersen (Former Minister for Foreign Affairs of Denmark)
  • “The Role of Global Governance Organizations in the International Economy”
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Dr. Solomon Passy, Niels Helveg Petersen, Dr. Dipak Pant, Dr. Vasile Puşcaş, Heino von Meyer, Dr. Susan George, Tom Ferris

Day 3 - 02/06/2011

  • “Salus ex machina? - The Economics of Green Technologies”
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Timo Goeschl (Professor of Economics at Heidelberg University)
  • “The Politics of Climate Change”
    Dan Jøregensen (Member of the European Parliament)
  • "Sustainable Development: A Nordic Perspective"
    A Lecture by Jan-Erike Enestam (Former Minister of the Environment of Finland)
  • “International Economics and the Future of Cooperation on Climate Change” (Panel)
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Jan-Erike Enestam, Dominique Voynet, Dan Jøregensen, Niels Helveg Petersen, H.E. Amb. Makaese Nyaphisi, Dr. Rick van der Ploeg, Dr. Lufter Xhuveli, Dr. Timo Goeschl
  • “The Crisis, Households, and Equity”
    A Lecture by Georgi Pirinski (Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria)
  • “Losing Faith in Capitalism: Hungarian Perspectives”
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Géza Jeszenszky (Former Foreign Minister of Hungary)
  • “Climate Change, Resource Wars, and the Financial Crisis: A Global Perspective”
    A Lecture by Rick van der Ploeg (Former Dutch Minister of Education, Culture, and Science)
  • “Learning from the Financial Crisis: Causes, Impact, and the Challenges Ahead”
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Mart Laar, Dr. Rick van der Ploeg, Gerrasimos D. Arsenis, Dr. Dipak Pant, Davorin Kracun, Georgi Pirinski, Dr. Jacques Poos, Katherine Marshall

Day 4 - 02/07/2011

  • “Global Sustainability and Extreme Lands: Economic Policy at the Edge of the Anthroposphere”
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Dipak R. Pant (Professor of Economics at Carlo Cattaneo University)
  • “Managing the Post-Crisis Global Economic Interdependence”
    A Lecture by Dr.Vasile Puşcaş (Former Minister of European Affairs of Romania)
  • “The Challenges of National Reforms in the Context of the Economic Crisis”
    A Lecture by Gerassimos D. Arsenis (Former Minister of Economics of Greece)
  • “New Players in Global Politics and the Challenge of Interdependence”
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Mart Laar, Gerassimos D. Arsenis, Dr. Vasile Puşcaş, Dr. Dipak Pant, Dr. Jacques Poos, Dr. Solomon Passy
  • “Global Foreign Policy and International Economics Today: An Unconventional Approach”
    A Lecture by Dr. Jacques F. Poos (Former Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg)
  • “Renewable Energy and the Challenges of its Implementation in Developing Countries”
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Lufter Xhuveli (Former Albanian Minister of the Environment)
  • “Economic Walls in the International Economy”
    A Lecture by Dr. Solomon Passy (Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria)
  • “International Development Challenges for 2010”
    A Lecture by Katherine Marshall (Senior Advisor to the World Bank)
  • “The Roles of Global Politics and Civil Society in International Economics”
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Mark Donfried, Katherine Marshall, Gerassimos D. Arsenis, Dr. Solomon Passy, Lufter Xhuvelli