Day 4 - Berlin, November 09th, 2009

Day 1 - 11/06/2009

  • "From a Divided City to a United World"
    A Lecture by Prof. Dr. Benjamin Barber (President & Director of the Interdependence Movement and "CivWorld" at Demos)
  • "Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution Today"
    A Lecture by Lord Jack McConnell (Former First Minister of Scotland)
  • "Education in a World Without Walls"
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Dr. Benjamin Barber, Martin Hope, Prof. Dr. Uli Brückner; Moderated by Dr. Jo Ritzen
  • "Opening the Iron Curtain: Hungary's Role in the Fall of the Berlin Wall"
    A Lecture by The Hon. Lásló Kovács (Former Foreign Minister of Hungary)
  • "Public Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Back to the Future"
    A Lecture by Meir Shlomo (Public Diplomacy Division at the Israeli Foreign Ministry)
  • "The Impact of Globalization on the World's Oldest Sovereign State"
    A Lecture by Mirko Tommassoni (Former Captain Regent of San Marino)
  • "Transcending Borders: The Voice of the Seas"
    A live concert combining traditional African music with classic European and American influences

Day 2 - 11/07/2009

  • "The Euro-Atlantic Perspective of Bosnia-Herzegovina"
    A Lecture by Ana Trisic Babic (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina)
  • "Freedom and the Politics of Walls"
    A Lecture by Dr. Igor Lukšič (Minister of Education and Sport of Slovenia)
  • "New Perspectives on Globalization"
    A Lecture by Dr. Alfredo Palacio (Former President of Ecuador)
  • "Gender Equality in a World without Walls: A Moroccan Perspective"
    A Lecture by Nouzha Skalli (Moroccan Minister of Social Development, Family, and Solidarity)
  • "National Sovereignty and International Relations since 1989"
    A Lecture by Sir James Mancham (Founding President of the Republic of the Seychelles)
  • "NATO, Afghanistan, and Trans-Atlantic Cooperation"
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Dr. Solomon Passy, H.E. Amb. Carlo Ungaro, Marina Pendes, Prof. Dr. Uli Brückner
  • "Turkey as a European State: Progress and Challenges"
    A Lecture by H.E. Yasar Yakis (Former Foreign Minister of Turkey)
  • "The US-Russian Relationship"
    Panel Discussion - Speakers: Dr. Benjamin Barber, Ivaylo Kalfin, Kolinda Kitarovic, Lord Jack McConnell, Dr. Solomon Passy, Radmila Sekerinska

Day 3 - 11/08/2009

  • 1. Ségolčne Royal – French Presidential Candidate 2007
    “The United States of Europe” (Keynote Speech)
  • 2. Martin Hope – Director of British Council Brussels
    “Cultural Relations between the EU and Major International Partners in the 21st Century”
  • 3. Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz – Former Prime Minister of Poland
    “Poland’s Path to Change”
  • 4. The Hon. Alan Baird Ferguson – 22nd President of the Australian Senate
    “Breaking Down Barriers and Building Bridges”
  • 5. “Establishing Foreign Policy Priorities in an Interdependent World” (Panel)
    Erkki Tuomioja, Ivaylo Kalfin, Yasar Yakis, Ioannis Kasoulides, Delia Domingo-Albert, Dr. Miomir Žužil
  • 6. Alfred Sant – Former Prime Minister of Malta
    “Cultural Diversity and Regional Autonomy in a World without Walls”
  • 7. Emil Constantinescu – Former President of Romania
    “The Soft Wall between Global Information and Knowledge”
  • 8. “A Strong Europe is an Integrated Europe?” (Panel)
    Mr. Cimoszewicz, Ms. Schoepges, Mr. Yakis, Ms. Hilden, Ms. Pendes, Mr. Arsenis, Mr. Constantinescu

Day 4 - 11/09/2009

  • 1. Ioannis Kasoulides – Former Foreign Minister of Cyprus
    “Breaking down Visible and Invisible Walls”
  • 2. Global Leadership in a World Without Walls: The Challenges Ahead (Panel)
    Mr. Moore, Mr. Palacio, Mr. Janša, Mr. Constantinescu, Ms Sekerinska, Mr. McConnell
  • 3. Luc van der Brande – Former Minister-President of Flanders
    “Sub-State Decision Making in a World Without Walls”
  • 4. Janez Janša – Former Prime Minister of Slovenia
    Janez Janša; Former Prime Minister of Slovenia, 09.11.09 Theatre on Kurfürstendamm, Berlin
  • 5. Mike Moore – Former Director General of the World Trade Organisation
    “Freedom, Development, Free Trade and Global Governance”
  • 6. “Reflection on a World without Walls: Moving Beyond Borders” (Panel)
    Ms. Schoepges, Ms. Stagetorn, Mr. Donfried, Prof. Dr. Brückner


  • Interview with Sir James Mancham
    conducted by Florence Collins,
  • Interview with President Alfredo Palacio
    conducted by Holly Perman Turnbull,
  • Interview with Mike Kenneth Moore
  • Interview with Ioannis Kasoulides
    conducted by Holly Perman Turnbull,